This Coupe and Roadster has become synonymous for its design and gained a very loyal following as a result. But while you might not be able to buy a new TT for much longer, there will continue to be a plentiful amount on the used car market. 

With three generations of TT lineage, let’s take a look at some things to think about and look out for when buying a used Audi TT.

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How much performance do you want?

Over the years, Audi has offered the TT in a variety of flavours, and some have been quicker and more powerful than others. 

It was the second-generation of TT, introduced in 2006, when further sportiness was added to the line-up. That’s because Audi introduced more aggressive TTS and TT RS models, which gained additional power and tweaks to enhance the driving experience.

The RS especially is rapid, thanks to its use of a brilliant five-cylinder 2.5-litre petrol engine, which has a thrilling soundtrack to enhance the overall driving experience. 

It’s worth noting that many TT models come with Quattro all-wheel-drive for greater surefootedness, though if you don’t want this, front-wheel-drive models are also offered. 

How important is fuel economy?

If you’re shopping for a TT as a sports car, fuel economy and running costs perhaps aren’t a top priority. That said, due to the TT’s relatively light weight, no models will be especially costly to fuel, at least when compared to rivals.

But if you do want a TT that offers good fuel economy, you’re in luck as the second-generation and third-generation (introduced in 2014) were both available with a highly-efficient 2.0-litre diesel engine. Returning more than 60mpg in many cases, and qualifying for cheaper road tax, it’s a sports car that you can use without having to worry about fuel bills.

Coupe or Roadster?

Across the three generations of TT, each model has always been available as both a Coupe Roadster. TTS and TT RS versions have also been sold in both body styles.

The choice really comes down to your personal preference if you want that top-down driving experience or not. The canvas roof is also electronic and very simple to use. As with any convertible, you should check the roof folds electronically as it should, and look out for any damage. The only other thing to remember is that while TT Coupe models come with rear seats (albeit relatively small ones), the Roadster is a strict two-seater.

Audi TT Blog image
Audi TT Blog image

Worth looking at a special edition?

If you want a special TT, it’s worth looking out for some desirable extras and special editions over the years.

One thing worth looking for is ‘baseball leather’ that was offered in both first- and second-generation TTs. It was something that was featured on the original concept car, with Audi making it an optional extra due to its positive reception. Because it was a costly addition when new, this baseball leather is quite hard to find, but these models hold their value far better as a result.

There are a few other special editions to look out for, too. On the first-generation TT, there was the Quattro Sport. Limited to just 800 units in the UK, these models came with more power and unique styling, including a black roof, specific alloy wheels and the option of factory-fitted bucket seats.

On the later TT, there is a ‘20 Years’ special edition. Introduced in 2018 to mark two decades of this sports car, only 150 units came to the UK. Coming in a special grey finish and getting that baseball leather interior finish, they remain very desirable due to their rarity.

Which generation should you choose?

If you’re considering buying a TT that might be a ‘classic’ in the near future, it’s the first generation that you should choose. Prices have slowly increased for these in recent years, and it is, without doubt, going to be treated as a design icon in the years to come. Seek out a tidy, low-owner and low-mileage car and you’re highly likely to ever lose any money on it.

Perhaps the best-value model in the TT range, is the second-generation model. Ideal if you want something stylish, fun and affordable to use on a daily basis, you get a lot of car for your money with these. They get a more modern cabin, with some models featuring touchscreens as well.

If you’d like the latest TT, the third-generation is a superb choice. Featuring a stunning interior that uses a high-tech digital dial display, they feature modern technology such as LED headlights and various driver assistance features.

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