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There are loads of online businesses to sell your car with and it’s about choosing the right one. Most of these companies offer straight-forward, quick processes which remove the hassle of selling your car.

Sell2Swansway offer a free valuation without any pressure and are renowned for prioritising simplicity and convenience. This is useful if you’re looking to sell your car quickly. They will buy your car directly from you which helps to ensure a quick process.

The market-leader is Motorway who have emerged in recent years as the top dog. Motorway differ slightly as they don’t buy your car themselves but list your vehicle for auction before their dealership partners compete with bids. This can help you receive a great price for your car, but it can be a longer process and isn’t for everyone.

Sell your car through sell 2 swansway
Sell your car through a dealer

Selling to a dealership

One option you have is to sell to a dealership. This might not fetch you as high a price as selling privately but it is a quick and easy process.

We’d recommend selling to a dealership who have expertise in the make and model of your car.

A major pro for selling to a dealership is you do not have to advertise your car or spend time and money meeting potential buyers. Additionally, using a reputable dealership means you’re far working with experts who will not scam you.

Selling via an Online marketplace

In the age of TikTok shop, facebook marketplace and eBay selling cars using online marketplaces has become a popular option.

These sites offer a vast audience of potential buyers which increases the chance of finding the right buyer for you.

They are also relatively cost-effective, offering free or affordable listing, as well as valuable tools for research and comparison to help you set a competitive price.

If you do use these sites make sure to take good photos of your car, and make it look it’s best.

Additionally, as you may not know your buyer, you should always prioritise safety when meeting potential buyers over these sites, and consider using secure payment options.

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Sell your car quickly and easily with Sell 2 Swansway

As you can see, the world of car selling is multifaceted, and there are online platforms that are the key to ensuring a successful, hassle-free sale. The wide-reaching audience, convenience, and cost-effectiveness of online platforms make them a compelling choice for many.

If you're ready to start your car-selling journey and want to experience these benefits firsthand, give Sell 2 Swansway a try. Our platform is designed to streamline the selling process, offering you a safe, efficient, and transparent way to connect with potential buyers. Don't miss out on the opportunity to sell your car quickly with Sell 2 Swansway. Find out what your car is worth today.



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