If you’re thinking about selling your car, you’ll want to get the best price possible and there’s lots of different factors which affect the value of your car. In this blog we’ll take you through what affects your car value so you can make an informed decision about when is the right time to sell.

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The Condition Of Your Vehicle

The condition of your car is a crucial factor in determining its value. A well looked after car is of course going to sell for a higher price than one that’s been damaged or dented.

There’s the obvious stuff like making sure your car is clean but if there’s any scratches or dents you may want to consider getting those repaired before you put it up for sale to increases its value.

We would also recommend getting a full vehicle health check which you can get for free at any of our body shops, this way you know you’re selling a car in good condition and the person buying it isn’t going to need something repairing within weeks.

Service History

Having the full-service history of your vehicle is an important factor in selling your car, it puts faith in the person buying it that the car has been well maintained and they likely won’t have any issues with it.

You could knock around 15% off the value of your car without a full-service history, so make sure to keep log of all your MOTs, services and repairs.

Make and Model

Some brands are more prestigious than others, like Audi will hold a greater value than more common brands like Honda. The trends in brands and body style are also important to think about when selling your car, for example a convertible will be in higher demand in summer than in winter so will hold more value then.

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Car Mileage


The number of miles on the clock demonstrates to potential buyers how worn out the car is, if it has a low milage your car will be more attractive to customers and if its over six figures you might struggle to sell it to a private buyer.

Cars with a higher mileage tend to need more repairs sooner down the line which can be off putting to buyers, and you might find people try to haggle the price down because of the car’s mileage.


As a car ages it depreciates in value, usually the older your car gets the less its worth, unless you have a rare or classic car. It’s easy to understand why they depreciate; an older car will have done more miles and will likely need repairing sooner than a new car. As the motor industry advances with tech certain models will become outdated and therefore lose value further, especially with the government plans to faze our combustion engines for electric vehicles.

If You Decide To Sell Your Car

There are various factors as we’ve discussed to consider when selling your car, and determining your cars value.

If you do decide now is the right time to sell, you’ll need to decide which platform you use to do so, you could sell privately or sell through a car buying platform like Sell 2 Swansway. We can provide you with a free instant quote for your vehicle based on the factors mentioned above, and if you choose to accept our quote, we’ll even come to collect it free of charge.

If you need a hassle-free way to sell your car, Sell 2 Swansway is the way to go.



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