What is Bradford's Clean Air Zone?

Like other cities in the UK, Bradford's low emission Zone aims to reduce congestion and act as a stepping stone for a greener future. The new regulation applies to older cars and vehicles that have high levels of emissions. The CAZ in Bradford covers a large area; the outer ring road and extends out along the Aire Valley corridor – Manningham Lane and Bradford Road to Canal Road area.

When is Bradford's Low Emission Zone in operation?

Bradford's ULEZ came into effect in September 2022 and runs 24 hours a day, every day, and vehicles without a valid exemption that enter the zone will need to pay a daily charge.

How can you check if your vehicle complies with the new regulations?

To check whether your vehicle complies with Bradford's ULEZ regulation, you can visit Bradford Council's website. They have a simple registration number checker, which provides information about whether your vehicle is subject to the daily charge. It is worth noting that diesel vehicles that meet the Euro 6 standard and petrol vehicles that meet the Euro 4 standard will comply with Bradford's ULEZ standards.

How much is the daily charge?

Like other cities, Bradford's ULEZ has introduced a daily charge for vehicles entering the zone. The daily charge varies depending on the type of vehicle owned. Vans and minibuses will be charged £12.50, whereas lorries and buses will be charged £50 per day. The penalty fee for not paying the charge is £120. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that your vehicle is compliant with the ULEZ standards or to pay the daily charge if required.

What are the benefits of Bradford's CAZ?

The primary benefit of Bradford's CAZ is to reduce air pollution. This reduction in pollution levels can have long-term health benefits for those living and visiting the city. Furthermore, this new regulation will help to encourage a shift towards greener commuting methods, such as using public transport, cycling, or walking. Bradford is also committed to providing financial support to those who need help in upgrading their vehicles or purchasing low-emission vehicles.

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