Sizing down?

The cost of living crisis has made many of us think more closely about what our needs and priorities are in life.

That’s much the same when it comes to cars, too, as tighter finances might have made you realise you don’t need a big SUV, and can perhaps get away with driving and owning something smaller, more affordable and cheaper to run.

If you’re looking to change to a smaller car for those reasons, we’ve picked 10 great options.

red volkswagen up

Volkswagen Up!

The Volkswagen Up! might be getting on a bit, but if you’re looking to downsize, it doesn’t get much better than this VW city car. The Up! is much roomier inside than you might expect, while its small, frugal petrol engines result in very impressive fuel economy.

It’s ideal for new drivers thanks to its low insurance groups as well, while a sportier GTI is available for those wanting something a little faster.

Skoda Fabia

If you think a small car can’t be practical, we’ve got to introduce you to the Skoda Fabia. This might be a supermini, but offers levels of space more in line with cars from the class above.

Its 355-litre boot is especially useful, while it’s packed with user-friendly equipment to make day-to-day life easier, including in-built umbrellas and ice scrapers.

Orange Skoda Fabia
Green peugeot 308

Peugeot 308

If maximum boot space is a top priority, you’ll like the latest Peugeot 308, which boasts a very impressive 412-litre cargo area. The rest of this hatchback is also brilliantly set up for families, and would make the 308 a great choice if you’re looking to move out of a thirstier SUV.

It offers a very smart and modern design inside and out, while choice is key to this Peugeot, as it can be bought with petrol, diesel and hybrid engines.

Honda Jazz

The Honda Jazz has long led the way when it comes to showing just how versatile a smaller car can be. This latest generation is no different, either, and still boasts brilliant features like Honda’s ‘Magic Seats’, which flip up like cinema chairs – allowing taller items to be stored in the back seats, along with a flat floor when the rear bench is folded.

This latest Jazz boasts a particularly comprehensive equipment list, too, while coming exclusively with an efficient hybrid powertrain.

white honda jazz
blue volkswagen polo

Volkswagen Polo

The Polo is another model that is brilliant for those looking to downsize, not just because of the space it offers, but also its impressive comfort and refinement, which is rare to find on such a small car.

It’s got a big boot, while the interior feels a step up from many other small cars. Its turbocharged petrol engines offer a great balance of performance and efficiency too.

Dacia Sandero

The Dacia Sandero might be one of the UK’s cheapest new cars, but you wouldn’t know it with how well this supermini performs. It drives nicely, while its small turbocharged engines suit it perfectly, while also bringing low running costs.

Its interior is very roomy as well, and it would make a great small family car. Just be aware that the level of safety kit isn’t as comprehensive as pricier vehicles in this class.

grey dacia sandero
Blue toyota yaris

Toyota Yaris Cross

If you want an SUV that still has a very similar footprint to a supermini, a great option is the Toyota Yaris Cross. Despite its rugged looks, it is still relatively compact, and an all-wheel-drive option should you want the extra capability

On top of this, the Yaris Cross uses a very efficient hybrid powertrain that will really help to reduce your running costs.



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