While the ID.3 might have only been on sale for a couple of years, the rate of change in this segment means Volkswagen can’t rest for long, which is why it’s already back with an updated model. Due to hit showrooms later in 2023, let’s take a look at what has changed on it. 

2023 Volkswagen ID.3

Revised exterior design

At first glance, it might not seem like all that much has changed with the ID.3’s design but look a bit closer and you’ll soon notice that a variety of revisions have been made.

These include a redesigned front bumper that has been optimised for improved airflow to maximise the ID.3’s range. The bonnet also appears longer because the gloss black strip previously found below the windscreen has been removed. There’s also a striking new colour called Olivine Green.

Improved interior quality

Volkswagen has also worked to improve the ID.3’s interior, and has responded to customer requests to create a more upmarket feel.

Changes include new soft, foam-backed surfaces in the interior, as well as larger, remodelled interior door trims that aim to improve comfort. Like before, the ID.3 majors on sustainability, with its seat covers being made from 71 per cent recycled materials.

2023 Volkswagen ID.3
2023 Volkswagen ID.3

New software

This latest update also sees the introduction of the latest generation of Volkswagen’s software. There’s a new, larger 12-inch touchscreen that handles the majority of the car’s core functions, with clearer menus aiming to make it easier to operate on the move.

Customers can also choose a clever augmented reality satellite navigation, which is able to project ‘live’ information onto the windscreen, such as navigation and speed, and gives the ID.3 a futuristic feel.



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