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We all know that the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider is a pretty incredible specimen. It's certainly easy on the eye and it's even better on tarmac!

The 4C can get even better too! With our latest new car offers you can pick one up for even less!

But as with any good thing, it can always be improved. Which is why we're offering a huge list of accessories for your 4C to help your relationship flourish even more!

Give our Alfa Romeo specialists a call today for more information about our range of accessories on 01244 883008 . To find out more about the 4C Spider and what other features you can add, download the brochure now by clicking the button below.

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The design of your 4C Spider has already been taken care of, to the highest order. 

But how about if you could just add a couple of finish touches ​to the exterior of your motor without breaking the bank?

Right now you can choose between a sticker to run down your bodywork, or an Italian flag badge to just add some more continental flair!

​Italian badge£24.00​
​Black Sticker£96.00​

Mirror Covers

There will come times in your elite car ownership that you're forced to make the tough decisions.

We have another one of those for you right now! You need to decide whether you're more of a satin chrome or carbon fibre person?

Then when you've wrestled that particular quandary all you need to do is let us for your mirror caps!

Carbon fibre mirror caps £1,348.80
Satin chrome mirror caps £119.04

Carpet Mats

Add some more Spider style to your 4C. If you're like us, you'll be proud of the fact that you're a 4C owner, so why not show that off in the best way, with subtle logo's accessories.

The perfect tool for this job are our carpet mats that come emblazoned with the 4C Spider logo. The best part is, the mats serve a dual purpose.

Whilst they're down on your car footwell looking amazing and delighting your feet, they're also taking care of your showroom standard floor!

4C logo carpet mats £52.80
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Brake Caliper Kit

As you'll no doubt know, your brakes are extremely important. And your calipers play an integral part in the slowing process. 

But there's no reason why something so sensible has to look boring is there? 

Which is why we now offer 4C Spider brake callipers in 3 stunning colourways. All you need to do now is choose which ones you want. 

​Red ​£934.60
​Black ​£934.60
yellow alfa romeo brake calipers

Carbon fibre headlight rim

Make your 4C headlights impressive whatever the conditions. 

With our carbon fibre surrounds, you can make the whole space an attraction! 

​Carbon fibre headlight trim£2,124.18​

Front & rear sport setting

Get your Alfa ready for launch, then have some fun! 

This setting will ensure that your 4C Spider lives up to its name and clings low to the ground, so you can rally control your drive.

​Front & rear sport setting£1,586.88​

Complete racing exhaust

You bought your 4C because it caught your attention looking resplendent. 

Well with this exhaust addition you can catch everyone else attention with your earthy rumble. 

​racing exhaust £595.20​


It's all well and good pulling up in your 4C Spider, but if your alloys aren't sparkling fresh then there's no point!

Make sure you always make a strong impression when you pull up, with our range of new alloys. All you have to do is pick the ones that speak to you most!

Kit of 4 alloys front 17" & rear 18" Black diamond £768.00
Kit of 4 alloys front 18" & rear 19" Silver £960.00
Kit of 4 alloys front 18" & rear 19" Matt Black £960.00


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