Alfa Romeo Accessories

Make your Alfa the perfect vehicle for your lifestyle

Right now at Swansway Chester Alfa Romeo, you can treat your vehicle to some of our genuine Alfa Romeo accessories. So whether there's a Mito in your garage, or a Stelvio on your drive, you can ensure your Alfa is unique to your lifestyle!

We know that when you buy an Alfa, you do so because you want to experience elegance and luxury every day. So why not make it your own personal luxury?!

Give our team a call now on 01244 883008 to order. Or if you prefer the online route, you can pick which accessories you like and enquire quickly and easily by clicking the below button.

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General Accessories

Whilst there are lots of genuine Alfa accessories that are only created for your Alfa. There are still some more all-encompassing pieces that could feature in your car whether you've got a Giulietta, 4C or a Quadrifoglio model! Wherever you look in the Alfa accessories list, there's something to suit!

Check out some of the general accessories you could pick up regardless of model!


Key covers

It's important to look at your best at all times, let's face it that's one of the reasons you got an Alfa in the first place. 

But you should always look after the small details too. Which is why you can now sharpen up your keys! 

​Grey Key Cover​£50.80
​Blue Key Cover​£50.80
​White Key Cover​£44.99
​Red Key Cover​£44.99

Carbon Fibre Gear inserts 

Add some sports performance to an often overlooked area of your Alfa. 

Granted, the gear stick isn't always the most interesting area of a car. But yours could be a real statement with a carbon fibre feature 

​Carbon fibre for Automatic transmission gear knob​£276.00
​Carbon fibre gear knob for a manual ​£269.89


​Door projector lights - £107.42

Add even more touches of class when you pull up! 

This set of 2 LED lights project the Alfa Romeo calligraphy onto the pavement when you open the front doors. 

Coat Hanger Headrest -£108.00

Embroidered with red Alfa Romeo calligraphy, this black coat hanger attachment makes sure you're always looking your best, in and out of the car! 

After all, we can't have you exiting an Alfa with a crumpled jacket now can we!

Tablet Holder Headrest - £184.45

If you're constantly ferrying the kids from one event to another, then the school run in-between, make sure the car's on your side.

Keep them quiet by attaching your tablet to this stunning holder. 

Veloce Red Logo - £80.87

Add some more sporty features to your Alfa with this striking Veloce logo. 

Instantly take your car from suave but practical, to performance machine with the application of just one logo.


Aluminium fuel cap 

​Keep looking after those finer details with the addition of this stunning aluminium fuel cap. 

You can continue to add sporty features to your Alfa, regardless of the model. 

​Petrol versions ​£72.83
Diesel versions ​£97.70

Alfa logo tyre valve cap - £22.50

​If you're going to have an Alfa then why not make it look great from top to toe?!

Right now you can do that with this 4 pack of tyre valve caps featuring the Alfa Romeo crest. 



​Morpar Connect - £302.40*

We think we can all agree that the worst thing that can happen to your Alfa is for it to go missing. 

Which is why we now offer a multimedia suite that can work as an assistant in case of theft, accident or breakdown. By simply downloading the Uconnect Live App you will be able to locate your car anywhere, which is extra handy if you keep forgetting where you parked it! 

Further to the tracking ability Morpar Connect will also assist you with the care of your car, the remote function sends you a notification straight to your smartphone checking your fuel levels and tyre pressure. 

*Price includes 12 months of service 

Android Auto & Apple CarPlay USB Cables - £28.10

This pack comes as a set of 3. The 50cm cables utilize Android Auto and Apple CarPlay and allow your touchscreen to display as your phone's interface.

But further to this, these cables also allow you to charge your phone on the go! So you can stay completely connected no matter how long your drive.



​Rear seat protection - £129.66

This accessory is really a double whammy! 

Firstly, you get a sleek and attractive Alfa Romeo branded kit for the rear seats to prevent them getting damaged. And secondly, the kit itself comes in a nice Alfa branded bag! 

​Cargo net - £43.31

This multi-functional accessory can be fixed to the luggage compartment floor, seatback or side. 

The cargo net features Velcro attachments to ensure a sturdy fix. Plus it also comes branded with  Alfa Romeo calligraphy. 

Luggage compartment - foldable box - £148.85

Keep your luggage compartment in showroom condition with this branded foldable box. 

The box features handles for removal and Velcro attachments to prevent sliding. 

Loading edge protective mat - £96.07

This black cover, featuring the Alfa Romeo branding in red stitching will help to keep your boot looking sharp. 

This is the perfect accessory for anyone who finds themselves constantly loading and unloading the boot. 


If you've already seen something your Alfa can't be without, then get in contact with us now. Our team are available on 01244 883008 ​ for more info. Or click the button to enquire online now. 

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Wheel caps - £37.06

Make sure your wheels are as good looking as the rest of your motor with our Alfa Romeo wheel centre caps.

This pack of 4 black and white branded caps are sure to mean you start turning even more heads, whether you're in a Mito or a Giulia!

Sport Pedals 

Add some more sports performance to your Alfa with these stunning aluminium pedals. 

Available for either manual or automatic transmission cars, these pedals are sure to give you that performance vibe. 

​Manual transmission £155.69​
​Automatic transmission​£108.73



Roof bars 

The amount of storage space in your vehicle should be the last thing holding you back from taking whatever you need with you for an awesome time in the great outdoors. 

These roof bars are available with or without the Alfa Romeo logo and offer all the extra storage options you'd need. The aluminium bars have a maximum load of 50kg and showcase exceptional aerodynamic design, they are compatible with all kinds of roof.  

​Roof bars ​£372.00
​Roof bars with Alfa Romeo logo​£264.14

​Ski carrier 

If you're heading off to the mountains soon then make sure your skis are safely and securely stored. 

With our carrier you will be able to safely store up to 4 couples of skis or 2 snowboards. So you can spend less time playing Tetris with the car and more time on the slopes 

​Ski carrier for 3 couples of skis or 2 snowboards​£104.12
​​Ski carrier for 4 couples of skis or 2 snowboards​£119.75

Roof box 360L - £260.89

This glossy black roof box measures 160x80x40cm and is perfect for getting everything you need for a great weekend stored away in the car with ease.

So you can start thinking about how best to enjoy yourselves rather than how everything will get in!

If you want to get even more adventurous with your storage options we also offer windsurf or surfboard carrier attachments

windsurf or surfboard carrier £62.80

Bike Carriers 

We know it can be a faff getting everything prepared for a weekend away on the trails. 

Which is why we're now offering genuine Alfa Romeo bike carriers finished in either steel or aluminium to help with your holiday prep! 

​Standard steel bike carrier​£96.00
​Aluminium bike carrier£168.00​




Emergency kit - £31.49

If the event should arise when you find yourself at the side of the road then make sure you've got everything you need to stay safe!

Our Alfa Romeo emergency kit includes all these branded items:

LED Torch
Black gloves
high visibility jacket
2 safety lightsticks

Battery Charger & Conditioner - £89.96

The battery charger and conditioner is an easily storable tool which ensure the level of your battery always remains at the top of its game. 

The tool will keep your battery condition between 95-100% ​and will charge if necessary. 

Volumetric Alarm - £304.78

This latest modular alarm system is managed using your vehicle's remote control function. 

Featuring anti-intrusion protection around your Alfa Romeo and complete with: 

Quick installation 
3 year warranty 
Maximum integration with on-board electronics 

General safety equipment

There's plenty of things you should keep with you in case of an emergency, or just to make your journey easier.

But why go scouring through high-street stores when can get them all from us as genuine Alfa Romeo accessories!

Ice scraper £6.30
High visibility fluorescent vest £6.17
Safety triangle £5.58