Abarth Service plans

When you decide on an Abarth model you can lock in an affordable price for servicing at the same time. A fixed-price service plan spreads out the future cost of repairs and maintenance over several years.

As well as enjoying the value for money of a long-term plan, you benefit from our approved status. The Abarth technicians at our service centre use their expertise and genuine parts to maintain your car. We can work on all models from the manufacturer, including the 595 and 695.

The reassurance of having a plan in place makes every drive that bit more enjoyable. Costs shown for servicing plans include parts and labour where applicable. The monthly amount is locked in against inflation, so you always know how much is payable. For business customers the VAT on plans may not be applicable – saving you even more.

Are Abarth service plans worth it? Here are 4 features and benefits of buying an Abarth Service plan:

  • Inflation-proof servicing – This means that even if the parts or labour prices rise, your payments won’t rise as a result. The price you agree with the dealer is secured for the agreed time period
  • No "service cost shock" - Don't worry about the the shock cost of your service when returning back to your vehicle, your bill is already settled in advance. what a great feeling it will be for you to have your Car serviced and be able to drive away knowing that you've already prepaid.
  • Safety secured – When you have your vehicle serviced regularly our helpful manufacturer-trained technicians will check all key safety areas ensuring that your vehicle is 100% safe.
  • Increased resale value – a full service history (FSH) can boost the trade-in value of your vehicle.
*Prices are all dependent on vehicle and plan required

For more information call our helpful Abarth team on 01244 569991 to discuss purchasing your Abarth Service Plan, they will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding service plans.

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