Used Volkswagen Tiguan

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Used Volkswagen Tiguan

The Tiguan is a strong mid-size SUV which has lead the way for the rest of the used VW SUV family to fill out the varying categories in crossover-land.

First introduced in 2008, and due its third-generation design in 2021, VW has stayed to a more no-frills outlook for the Tiguan. It’s a design which has meant the Tiguan can’t be banded into any specific SUV sub-genre like sporty, compact, subcompact or crossover.

This classic design continues with the interior. Taking inspiration from the Golf, the Tiguan offers quintessential hatchback interior design with the added comfort of SUV-style space.

With all this in mind, the Tiguan is the perfect, tried and trusted, set of wheels for that hatchback customer whose lifestyle has started to demand a larger set of wheels.

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Interior Design

All versions of the Tiguan come with a new leather multifunction steering wheel, an eight-inch infotainment system, and We Connect and We Connect Plus as standard. Tiguan also receives a new optional Harman/Kardon premium sound system.

With controls right at the drivers fingertips, you can now completely concentrate on the driving at hand. The all-new touch module is multi-use, with access to functions such as the seats, rear window and windscreen heating, and to open the air-conditioning menu.

The Life specification package provides you and passengers with luxurious comfort seats. As well as the features of LED interior lighting in the front and rear and the ambient lighting which creates a cosy atmosphere of the highest quality.

You’ll see your Tiguan in a new light every day, illuminate your vehicle interior in 30 colours. So whether you are driving in a cooler or warmer colour climate, in the brightly-lit city or on a dark road at night, you can create a different atmosphere for you and your passengers no matter what the occasion.

​Technology, Safety & Driver assistance

The Tiguan is packed with great technology, which allows you to smoothly get to where you need to go.

These great features include:

The optional Travel Assist - At the push of a button it provides driving comfort by supporting you in monotonous or tiring driving situations.

  • This features is great for on the motorway and on well-maintained roads, Travel Assist can keep in lane and maintain speed for you and monitor the distance from the traffic in front.
  • In combination with the dual clutch gearbox (DSG) you have a relaxing drive through traffic jams and stop-and-go situations.

The optional Emergency Assist - This feature allows the car to intervene during a medical emergency when it detects that the driver is no longer active, and attempts to reactivate them. If this is unsuccessful, it brings the vehicle to a controlled standstill within the limits of the system and to hopefully prevent any possible accidents.

Due to the cars front assist emergency braking assistant with Pedestrian Monitoring, the New VW Tiguan can help reduce the severity of the accident or, in an ideal situation prevent the completely in the event of a collision threat. It can also detect pedestrians and vehicles on the road and warn the driver in time. If the driver does not react, the system can initiate emergency braking.

The proactive occupant protection system protects you within the limits of the system in critical situations such as imminent collisions. It can detect situations in which there is an increased risk of an accident. It then automatically closes the windows and the panoramic sliding sunroof, and tightens the front seat belts as a precautionary measure.