Used Volkswagen Golf Estate for Sale

Approved VW Golf Estate models for sale in Crewe, Oldham and Wrexham

The evolution of the Golf Estate

The VW Golf is one of the most recognisable cars on the road. Having made a name for itself in the hot hatch category, Volkswagen decided to diversify the famous Golf range to include a practical, versatile estate. Offering all the pros of the much-loved compact Golf, the Golf Estate also crosses the practicality box, making it a great option for families and buyers looking for a little more space. If you’re interested in the Golf Estate, why not check out our fabulous range of used cars?

The Golf has been around for decades, but the estate version is a relatively new addition to the range. Making waves in the last ten years, the estate caters to a different type of buyer, providing a solution for drivers who want to enjoy the benefits of the treasured hatchback model while also having access to a much larger and more versatile vehicle.

The most recent updates to the VW Golf Estate include a wider range of engine options, extra trims and cutting-edge tech. There are several trim options available today, including the entry-level S version, the sporty GT trim and the SE, a model, which is likely to appeal to most buyers as it covers safety, performance, entertainment and style.

Buying a used Golf Estate offers drivers the chance to combine speed and style with versatility, space and safety. Building on the successes of the hottest hatch in town, the Golf Estate delivers a fun ride as well as the latest safety features for families, plenty of space and sophisticated styling.

Buying a second-hand Golf Estate

Buying a second-hand Golf Estate is a great way to make owning a Golf more affordable and gain access to a wider range of options and trims. If you are thinking about buying a used Volkswagen Golf Estate, it’s beneficial to take these tips on board:

Consider your lifestyle

When you’re shopping for a used car, it’s useful to think about your lifestyle and how you’re going to use the vehicle. Do you have a family or pets? Do you plan to use the car for work purposes? Do you have hobbies or interests that involve transporting equipment or large items like bikes or surfboards? Do you drive long distances or are you a city driver? Once you’ve answered these questions, you should be able to narrow down your options in terms of models, versions and trims to find the right car for you.

Set a budget

The price of used Golf Estates varies according to the age of the car, the condition and mileage, the trim and the engine. Before you start your used VW Golf search, it’s wise to analyse your finances and set a budget. You can buy a car outright or spread the cost and you can save by buying slightly older cars or opting for more basic trims.

Explore options and features

Modern-day vehicles are packed with features that are designed to create a pleasant driving experience, enhance safety and comfort and add serious style. There are multiple options to choose from and you can filter the results based on extras that are attractive or appealing to you. If you drive long distances, for example, you might be interested in cruise control. If you have kids, extra storage and advanced safety features are ideal.

Trims, engines and extras


The Golf Estate comes in a range of trims with engine options and extras to suit a broad spectrum of buyers.

The entry-level S version boasts an impressive range of standard features, which can be seen across the Golf family. For those looking for a little more in the way of mod cons, the SE is a step up, offering adaptive cruise control, front and rear parking sensors, alloy wheels and an interactive infotainment system. The SE Navigation system also provides satellite navigation. For drivers longing to recreate the experience of driving an agile, swift Golf hatch, the GT version is likely to appeal. This trim offers front sports seats and chic interior styling and eye-catching alloys. The AllTrack trim has 4Motion four-wheel drive for buyers keen to get off the beaten track. The powerful R version is the ultimate choice for drivers eager to turn heads.


There are petrol and diesel engine options to suit all buyers, including:

  • 1.0 TSI
  • 1.4 TSI
  • 1.5 TSI EVO
  • 1.8 TSI
  • 2.0 TSI
  • 1.6 TDI
  • 2.0 TDI

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