Used Volkswagen Grand California

A used Volkswagen Grand California is the ideal vehicle for the keen traveller

A second hand VW Grand California is spacious,roomy and comfortable.

And, when you spot and make camp for the night, you'll love the cosy-yet-practical set up that is perfect for everything from a staycation to an international road trip.

How Does it Compare to the VW California?

If you're stuck between a used VW Grand California and VW California, it's worth noting that the latter is a lot smaller and not as well-formatted. While the traditional California is compact and sleek, it misses the roominess that the Grand California offers due to the bulbous, over-cabin ceiling that sits on the roof.

As a result, not only is there extra storage and sleeping space, but there is room for you to do things that you can't in the California or most converted motorhomes, for that matter. Showering, going to the toilet and using hot and cold water are all features of the Volkswagen Grand California that make it an excellent choice for your travelling needs.

In many ways, the Grand California doesn't have a rival because, even though there are lots of competitors on the market, none are manufacturer-backed since specialist outsourcers make them.

Why Choose the Volkswagen Grand California?

With so many campervans on the market, it can be challenging to chose which is best. Thankfully, the VW Grand California makes the decision a no-brainer. These are the reasons why:

The Specs- The specifications are impressive on paper and in practice. For under £70,000 brand new, you get 174bhp of power, 302lb of torque, and 0-60 in 15.8sec. The latter sounds slow, but not when you factor in a van's size and weight (3.5 tonnes). You can travel without worrying about your impact on the environment, too, because the California has emissions of 218g/km, below the normal rate for vans.

Drivability - For a big van, the drivability is a feature that motorists love. The steering is light and flexible, and responsive, and this VW belies its size. While it appears large, you have more room on the roads than you imagine. The same goes for parking space, which is handy as you don't need a large plot to settle in for the night.

Flexibility- There are two main options for used Volkswagen Grand California models - the four-berth or the two-berth. The former is 6.0m-long and has a shorter wheelbase to accommodate the facilities you would expect to find. This makes it perfect for families or people who travel in big groups. The two-berth sleeps two, as the name suggests, and it 6.8m-long with a longer wheelbase. It's important to remember that it isn't a third-party conversion as Volkswagen is manufacturing the Grand California from its German base.

Should You Buy a Used VW Grand California?

Deciding whether to opt for a new or used model is an age-old debate in the motoring world. If you look past the money - used cars and vans are cheaper - you'll see there isn't much difference. For instance, a second-hand Volkswagen Grand California is available via suppliers such as us that offer comprehensive warranties and guarantees. There are full vehicle histories, too.

When you look at it from this angle, it makes sense to buy a used version as the similarities are the same, apart from the miles on the clock. Still, the fact that a used vehicle is more affordable and that more miles mean extra reliability should help you realise that buying used is the way forward.

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