Volkswagen Transporter Accessories

Transform your Transporter van with our Volkswagen Van Accessories

The Volkswagen Transporter is a much loved model in the Commercial Vehicles range

Due to its remarkable versatility the Transporter has been top of the charts with many VW fans. But this versatility has also been largely due to the wide array of accessories that are offer for Transporter owners. 

When you buy a new Transporter, the world is your oyster. You can either keep as a work vehicle to help you with your daily labours. Or you can use it as a cool family vehicle to get the whole tribe tucked in, or better yet you can convert the Transporter into a campervan and utilize it as your summer escape pod! 

Whichever lifestyle or conversion you think is best for you, we've got the official Volkswagen accessories to help you achieve your van dream! 

All you need to do now is select your lifestyle, then start piling on the accessories. For more info on any of the VW accessories below, just clink the button to download the brochure. 

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VW Transporter Travel Equipment 

Roof bars  

Now the Transporter is pretty big, but we understand that so are your jobs and holidays. 

Which is why you can add these awesome longitudinal roof rails to help clear some space inside. 

Roof Bar Set 

These horizontally fitted roof bars are perfect for helping you store anything from a set of ladders to a new bike. 

Store up to 100kg of extra kit!​


Tailgate Bicycle Holder 

Designed for Transporters with a tailgate, this bike holder is perfect for helping you to cram as much excitement into your family getaway as possible!

If you're the family that loves to get out on two wheels, you can store up to 4 bikes on the back of your van (maximum of 60kg)

*Not suitable for roof edges or tailgates with spoilers


If you're prepping for a particularly large job which or you're planning on packing even more into your summer holiday, either way you're going to need a lot of extra storage.

With our fixed or detachable towbars you can get all the equipment you need safely tucked away in a trailer and you don't even have to commit to have a full time towbar, if you don't want?! 


VW Transporter Infotainment 

Kenwood 250W Subwoofer  

If you've bought your Transporter and want to kit it out as the perfect camper for hitting all the music festivals you can this summer, then you can! 

But you're going to need the best sound system possible for pumping your festival playlist!  ​This Kenwood sub fits neatly under the passenger seat. It's aluminium case provides awesome bass sounds which will enhance your sounds!

Kenwood multimedia system

This Kenwood multimedia system is perfect for getting the most out of your sub. If you haven't already got one onboard your Transporter.

This system allows you to mimic your phone's interface through Apple CarPlay or Android Auto and will allow you to stream your favourite media from places like Apple Music or Spotify so your festival vibes never have to end.


Dash Cams 

Nextbase 512GW 

​Record everything around you with this Nextbase dash cam. It comes with both a front and rear-facing camera which can be connected via a 6m cable, plus a 8GB SD card for video storage. 

Kenwood DRV-410 

This Kenwood camera will record the front and rear of your Transporter in full HD, plus it also comes with full driver assist including collision warning, lane departure warning and departure delay warning. 


VW Transporter Care & Protection 

Ply-Lining kit

Make sure your Transporter can stand up to the stresses and strains of everyday work life. 

With our ply-lining kits, you can ensure that the interior of your van remains scratch and scrape free.Because, if you're a small business owner, you've got enough to worry about without your van's interior health adding to those worries. 

Just ask our Van Centre teams for more information on getting your ply-lining completed in your Transporter. Or enquire now by clicking the below link. 

Load lip protection 

It doesn't have to be working on a site that can put scratches on your loading area, this can happen when you're climbing in and out or just loading the shopping. 

So how about utilising our steel-look loading lip to prevent your paintwork from becoming damaged. Plus this will add a distinctive look to your Transporter.  

Motexion window bulkhead 

This stunning bulkhead featuring the VW logo comes with a window feature too so you can check in on your payload. 

The window is made of perspex, so if there is any movement in the storage area you won't need to worry about breaking glass. 

Reversing sensors

We know that reversing a Tranporter can sometimes be a tricky task, especially if you're negotiating site equipment, or have lots of items in your storage area. 

These reversing sensors, which can be painted to match your body colour, will let you know whenever you're getting too close to an object

Rubber floor mats 

These genuine Volkswagen hard-wearing rubber floor mats are perfect for keeping your Transporters carpets looking showroom fresh. 

Whether you're out on a site or on a holiday park, you'll be able to hop in and out of the van with ease. 


VW Transporter Wheels 


You don't have to just use your Transporter to ferry more kit of people around.

How about also using it to look great and catch the eye of everyone! Well the first stop on that mission has to be an awesome set of alloys!

Take your pick from these stunning options now!

VW Transporter Exterior Styling

Lowering springs - from £379.50 +VAT 

Get that sportier look for your Transporter by dropping lower with our springs. 

These lowering springs will take your van down by 30mm, for front axle weight up to 1,550kg 1,710kg. 

Angled side bars - from £400.00 +VAT 

These angled bars finished in stunning polished chrome help to give your van that more distinguished look. 

they're also extremely useful for helping to keep your sills damage free!

Rear tailgate spoiler - Twin doors from £200.00 +VAT, tailgate from £242.33 +VAT

Made for Transporters with twin rear doors and available in a range of colours including Candy White, Deep Black and Reflex Silver.*

This rear spoiler will help complete that sportier feel on your van. 

*Available at additional cost

Front spoiler - £542.00 +VAT

Finish off that Highline look on your Transporter by adding an extremely sporty chin spoiler.

Add this spoiler and get that performance feel on your van, it's available in range of colours including Candy White, Deep Black and Reflex Silver.*

*Available at additional cost


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