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VW Crafter Accessories

Explore our range of Accessories for your Volkswagen Crafter Van

Styling the Volkswagen Crafter

The Volkswagen Crafter may be top of the shop when it comes to size and load space in the van world.

But this doesn't mean that improvements can't be made. With our range of specially made accessories you can make the best even better!

Available as a panel van, tipper, dropside or Luton van the Crafter is already brilliantly versatile. Even at its smallest the Crafter medium wheel base panel van offers a loading volume of up to 11.3m³.

Alongside our awesome range of Crafter accessories, we also have our Business Packs available which allow you to add an incredible tech pack to your Startline van for a fraction of the price

But if you want to take your work wheels into the stratosphere of helpfulness, then check out our huge range of accessories now.

If you'd like any further info on our range or more from Volkswagen either give our teams a call or click to download the brochure now.

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VW Crafter Sport and Design ​

Leather Seats

Enhance the interior of your Crafter with the addition of some sleek leather seats.

Choose from a variety of colours and stitching, or if you want to take your design to the next level you can also get your company's logo embroidered on the seats too.

There are plenty of packages available including just driver seat designs.

Close up of Volkswagen Crafter Leather seats

Roof bar set

When the Crafter's load space just isn't big enough, then don't panic just check out our roof bar set.

With this set on your van you increase your load capacity by 300kg, or 150kg for high roof vehicles. Each set comes with 3 roof bars

Single roof bar

If you've got a particularly large project on, then you need a suitably versatile storage and transport plan.

With our bar set you can add up to 6 bars to your roof area, giving you even more storage space to get that project to site in time.


Do you need the capability to carry those larger loads, so even roof bars won't do the job?

Then our range of official Volkswagen towbars will be perfect for you. Available in either a fixed or detachable version, so you don't even have to commit to having the bar on your van forever.

Bicycle holder for towbar

Just because your Crafter is perfectly adapted to be your ideal work van doesn't mean that you can't use it for fun too!

With this adaptation you can make sure your bikes are securely strapped in before you hot the trails!

Wind deflectors

If, like many Crafter drivers, you find yourself constantly at the wheel of the van then you're going to want some fresh air from time-to-time.

Our wind deflectors ensure that when you crack a window to get some fresh air you won't be blasted by the elements. they are also especially good at keeping the sun out of your eyes.

Front and rear mudflaps

Available in pairs these protective rubber flaps prevent dirt and debris from damaging your tyres and paintwork.

Add them to the front, rear or all around!

Waterproof seat covers

We know that it can get pretty mucky at times when you're out on the site all day. So the last thing you want is to be carrying that grime around on your upholstery forever.

With our waterproof seat covers you can protect your material from the worst of the dirt.

Rubber floor mats ​

The last thing you want to be doing after a long week on the site it cleaning off the carpet in the van because it's thick with grime.

With our hard-wearing rubber floor mats you can ensure that your carpet stays showroom fresh throughout your working week.

These neutral odour black floor mats are designed to fit your Crafter floor perfectly and any dirt and grime are absorbed then washed out easily. Fixed to the attachment points in the footwells the mats are held firmly in place, so you can be sure you're not knocking them around when you climb in and out.

vw crafter rubber floor mats

Tie-down belt fitting

A key part to transporting your payload is ensuring that it makes it to the destination without damage. ​Our belt ties attach to your existing latch points and hold your cargo firmly in place.

Headlight protectors

Headlights can be an expensive thing to put right when things go wrong. So make sure you protect your lenses from damage and stay one step ahead of the elements.

Headlight conversion decals

A set of headlight conversion decals which are an essential addition when driving in Europe. So if you're business is going continental, then you're going to need these on your team.

Reversing sensors

Neatly fitted into the rear bumper, these sensors emit an audible sound warning you about upcoming hazards. Absolutely essential on a busy work site.

dash cam available for purchase on volkswagen vans

Nextbase Dash Cam 522GW

Plug and play dash cam and safety camera record everything that happens around your van for added peace of mind.

Kenwood Front and Rear Dashboard Cameras

There can be a lot of precious cargo in your Crafter, so make sure you have eyes on it even when you don't.

Whether you're driving in the day time or night, you'll be able to record clear and crisp video and also have full accident avoidance technology including collision warning, lane departure warning and departure delay warning.

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