Volkswagen Amarok driving through water

VW Amarok Accessories

Aim higher with your Volkswagen Amarok with our range of accessories.

Styling your Volkswagen Amarok

The Volkswagen Amarok is very much the muscle in the Commercial Vehicles range.

With its sleek and stylish design matching its rugged pick-up truck persona perfectly, the Amarok is ideal for helping you get out into nature.

But there's more to this bulging pick-up than meets the eye. Far from being just a rural road ruffian, the Amarok slots into family life brilliantly too. So if you're looking for a bigger set of wheels to get all your wants and need in, then they don't come much bigger and better than this.

Whatever reason has brought to looking into, or buying the Amarok can definitely be enhanced further with a quick look at the awesome range of accessories we have available for the pick-up too.

So whether you like the fact that you're not limited to roads, you need a bigger van for the family or work, or you just really want a pick-up truck. The Amarok is the ideal choice, especially when can make it even more perfect with our range of accessories.

To get these awesome additions into out of your dreams and into your 'rok, then just give one of our Volkswagen Van Centres a call on the below contact numbers or hit the button below to see the complete range of VWCV accessories by downloading the full brochure.

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VW Amarok Transport Equipment


There's some jobs that even the Amarok isn't big enough for!

When those jobs arise don't panic! Just come see us and get one of these towbar kits.

So the next time you're thinking of taking the whole clan away for the week, or you've got a huge camping trip planned, a big house move, or just a larger than average job on at work, then make sure your Amarok is prepped and ready to assist you with the undertaking!

Close up of Towbar on a Volkswagen Amarok

Bicycle holders for towbar

Perfect for allowing you and the family or a couple of mates to get away for the weekend and jump on to 2 wheels instead of four!

Roof box

Improve your storage options by bringing the big guns on board! This sleek and stylish roofbox offers an added 340l of space for you to pay with! ​Bring on the extra packing!

Adventure helpers!

The amazing Amarok helps you work hard, so let it help you play hard too!

With our range of holders you can choose from a range of destinations for your next getaway. You can either hit the slopes with our ski & snowboard, hit the beach with your surfboard, or hit the rivers with your kayak.

Roof rails

These hard-wearing longitudinal roof rails attach seamlessly to your Amarok's factory standard mounting points and are perfect for adding even more storage options to your truck. ​

You can still add more storage options to your Amarok with some cross bars to fit to your roof rails.

Load Area Bars

These bars are not compatible with load area covers, but they do offer another dimension as far as your storage options are concerned.

Fitted to your load area the bars also make it easier for you to separate loads, or keep tents and suitcases off the potentially wet surface in the rear of the truck.

Bicycle holder for roof bars

Make sure you know exactly where your steed is wherever you go.

It can be difficult to get away from it all on a biking holiday as finding somewhere to store the bike can be tricky. But now with these specialist bars you can keep it secure and out of your way.

VW Amarok Infotainment

Kenwood DAB+ Multimedia and Navigation System

Every van driver needs a strong multimedia centre in the steed.

This Kenwood system is perfect for keeping you company on those hard motorway yards. You can stay completely connected with your customers thanks to the Apple CarPlay or Android Auto connectivity. This device also turns your van's touchscreen into a replica of your phone's interface. Because no one should have to end up faffing with confusing touchscreen instructions when you're trying to stay focussed on the road.

Oh and did we mention there's also music streaming and internet browsing included?!

Further to your internet, streaming and hands-free calling capabilities, if you take the option to add the rear view camera you'll have even more security around. Which is perfect for when you need to back it up on to a busy site, or reverse through a tricky caravan park, or when you just want to show off your parking skills to the neighbours.

Volkswagen Amarok interior infotainment screen


  • 4K Ultra HD recording
  • 3" LCD screen
  • Smartphone app link
  • Rear camera option available
  • Polarised filter included
  • 64GB SD card included
  • Parking mode included (with Pro-Install kit)
kenwood dashcam
Red Volkswagen Amarok exterior rear bed cover

Roll & Lock Cover

This sleek addition to your Amarok is available in either black or silver and allows you to carry your load without you having to worry about whether those cable ties have secured everything correctly. It will also prevent the weather from affecting your items.

Another strong element to this popular cover is the ability to open it incrementally. So you don't have to worry about carrying those larger objects.

Mountain Top Roll cover

Consisting of durable, weather-resistant aluminium this cover can also be opened in increments to allow for larger cargo. The Mountain Top Roll Cover is available with styling bars and both the bars and the cover are available in either black or silver finish.

Give our teams a call now to arrange your fitting, or to discuss your compatibility.

Hard Tonneau cover 1 piece

If you want something a little more defined protecting your load area, then this sturdy aluminium cover is perfect for getting the job done! Completely lockable and durable, the cover will also prevent your payload attracting any unwanted attention.

*Cannot be used with rear styling bar

Hard Tonneau cover 3 piece

If you want to take your payload protection a little further, then the 3 piece cover could be the one for you. Again completely lockable and weather-resistant, the 3 piece item is made from extremely durable PC/ABS plastic and open on two gas-lift struts. Available in a range of Amarok colours.

Aluminium Tonneau Cover

Give your Amarok even more of a rugged look with this impressive lockable tonneau cover. ​Paradoxically this aluminium cover gives your payload added security, while the two gas-strut opening system allows for easy access for you.

*Cannot be used with rear styling bar

Soft Tonneau Cover

Take a different approach to securing your payload with this soft cover. Completely waterproof, this cover is mounted on an aluminium mounting frame. This cover can be rolled back and held in place bt belts when not needed.

*Cannot be used with rear styling bar


Truckman is the sign of quality and this awesome range of hardtop accessories will complete the chiselled contours of your stunning Amarok. Built especially with the Amarok in mind, these hardtops are perfect fr giving your payload the maximum amount of protection.

With the range of Truckman hardtops there's a model to suit everyone. Whether you're just looking to give your business optimum protection when out on the road, or you need more space for the family, or you're an outdoor adventurer and need lots of room for your thrill-seeking campaigns.

The Truckman Grand is the best-seller among these accessories, extremely robust with a premium colour coded finish which is perfect for your 'rok.

The GLS version offers sporty luxury to your pick-up, offering sliding side tinted windows which are completely lockable and the addition of central remote locking too.

Need emphasis on security? Then the optimum hardtop for you is the Truckman RS. The windows are gone, replaced by a streamlined body to match your Amarok's paintwork.

If these just aren't rugged enough for you then the Truckman Utility is best for you. designed to withstand all the rigours of commercial life and easy access through the lockable side panel door.

Blue Volkswagen Amarok hardtop

Truckman Easydown Tailgate Damper

Take the hassle out of opening the tailgate on your Amarok.

We know that sometimes, when you're busy, need quick access, or the kids are playing up then getting into the tailgate of your Amarok can be something of a handful and a heavy one at that! So with the Easydown Tailgate Damper you can reduce the weight of your tailgate by 95%. The hands-free opening system makes it easier and safer for your, your children or the apprentice to access your tailgate. We know how much those apprentices can struggle at times!

Truckman Bedrug

The Bedrug is the perfect accessory for when you find yourself in and out of the tailgate.

The soft liner fits perfectly to the rear space of your Amarok filling the ribs and contours of the truck bed to provide a wonderfully smooth loading area. The extremely durable Bedrug liner provides a less slick surface for your tailgate and load space, helping to prevent your payload from sliding around and risking damage.

Decked Bed Drawers

These innovative and robust drawers offer a neater and more secure storage solutions for your Amarok. Two full-length storage drawers which roll out to provide easy access to your complete range of tools and equipment also allow you to make use of you complete truck bed.

This easy storage solution would be perfect for storing lots of holiday camping equipment, or for packing away everything you need for a no-holds barred outdoor adventure!


We have a range of loadliners available now in a plethora of finishes, so you can make sure you get the correct storage solution for your needs.

From rugged aluminium ​through to flexible reversible mat coverage, our loadliners are perfect for ensuring both your payload and truck bed remain in excellent fettle.

Check out our range below:

  • Toolbox for Load Area - This hard-wearing, completely secure large toolbox ​will cover the width of your load space between the wheel arches to offer you a larger area of storage space for your tools! *Not compatible with tonneau covers, hardtops or rear styling bars
  • Rear window guard - This steel guard mounts to the back window of your Amarok and allows you to carry those larger loads without worrying about scuffing your roof paintwork. *Not compatible with tonneau covers, hardtops or rear styling bars
  • Tie-Down Belt Fitting - A robust tie-down belt system which fits conveniently to your Amarok's load area rail system. To allow for easier large storage solutions.


Your Amarok already looks pretty imposing, that's one of the reasons why you bought it, right? Well that and the excellent storage options and off-roading accessibility.

But with a stunning set of alloys you could turn this conventional beast of an all-rounder, into something altogether more stunning.

With our range of Amarok compatible alloys your pick-up could go from imposing load-lugger to impressive style-machine!

Go from the relatively understated 16" Aspen alloys right through to the down-right eye-catching 20" Nazare finished in stunning two-tone dark grey and silver.

Volkswagen Amarok alloys

Side Bars

There are a wide range of side bars on offer to help spice up the looks and enhance the practicality of your Amarok.

From our standard stainless steel bars right through to the, all singing all dancing, bars with rubber steps and LED Lighting there's definitely an option to suit your truck in this range.

Volkswagen Amarok sidesteps

Rear Styling bars

Our range of rear styling bars are perfect for creating a lasting impression with your Amarok.

Creating a great impression is imperative in the world of the small business, if you can leave your customer thinking about you in a great way, then there's every chance of that business becoming a lasting relationship.

Start creating this lasting vision for your customers now, by taking a look at some of the brilliant styling bars we have available.

Leather Seats

With your styling bars creating that lasting impression on the outside, let us take care of your interior with some stunningly stylish leather upholstery.

Upgrade your seating now to 100% genuine leather and elevate the look and feel of your vehicle. With our range of leather upholstery options you can choose to upgrade to standard leather seats, or you can get more adventurous and choose to add in some more touches of colour or even add in your company logo.

But the choice doesn't end there, you can also decide whether you want leather seating throughout or just the front seats, or maybe even just the drivers seat to create that real captain of the bridge vibe.

Have it your way skipper!

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