California Accessories 

Make your California in-Cali-redible 

Your California is probably your pride and joy, right? But what if we told you, you could make it even more perfect?! 

It's really important, you make sure your campervan is right for you, afterall you're going to be spending a lot of time together. Nobody wants to have their summer plans ruined because the camper's missing something.

Your California should open your summer possibilities as wide as the horizon. And with our equally wide range of campervan specific accessories you can make sure your camper ignites your families time together! 

So once you've got your Cali sorted and your destination in the nav, then why not come see us and stock up on summer smashing accessories! 

You can give our teams a call on the numbers below to get your accessory work booked in, or just click the buttons to get enquire online now. 

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Transport Equipment 

Roof Bar Set

The first step to making sure your California is everything you want from a summer escape specialist is making sure you have the right foundations.

Our roof bar set is the perfect start to creating your adventure ready Cali. With a set of roof bars you can boost your load capacity by up to 45kg, so you can start to add a plethora of kit dependant on where you're planning to take your adventure.

Whether you're fixing to get out on the trails, the slopes,the waves or the rivers you can certainly be prepared in your Cali!


Increase your load capacity further still with a towbar set. Available in either fixed or detachable versions, our towbars are perfect for allowing you those extra storage options.

If you use your California for everyday life as well as getting out there and adventuring hard, then you might want to consider the detachable swan neck towbar, so you can remove the bar when it's not needed.

On the other hand, if your Cali is specifically for getting away, then the fixed version would be perfect for you.

For more info about pricing you can enquire now by clicking the below button. Or by giving your local centre a call now.

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Tailgate Bicycle Holder 

If your perfect getaway is getting the two wheeled steed out of the stable and attacking the wild terrain. Then this is the perfect accessory for you. 

Our tailgate bicycle holder allows you to store up to 4 bikes, so there's plenty of room for the whole group's two wheeled accomplice.

*Not suitable for roof edges or tailgates with spoilers

Kayak Holder 

Prefer the rivers to the trails? 

No problem, our kayak holder is specifically designed to help keep your coasting companion safely atop your California without the need for any confusing ties or knots. 

Just make sure you have a roof-bar set sorted. 

Surfboard Holder

If you've already got your roof-var set sorted then you can start thinking about hitting the waves with our surfboard holder.

With our holder set you can transport one board and 2 masts as it includes 4 mast holders and 2 tensioning straps



Kenwood multimedia system

We know it's exciting when you first head out on to the road in your new campervan, the thrill of getting it going again, getting everything packed and heading off for adventure is unparalleled.

But you wouldn't be human if the excitement levels didn't wain after so many hours on the road. Well that's where this amazing Kenwood infotainment system comes into its own. With a 7" colour touchscreen it comes complete with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto so the display will mirror that of your phone.

With hands-free calling, music streaming and browsing enabled, your party road trip never has to end! The added benefit of complete Garmin European Navigation will help keep you on track too!

Find out more about how a new multimedia system could help you and your camper get along better by clicking the link below


Dash Cams 

Nextbase 522GW 

Record everything around you with this Nextbase dash cam. It comes with both a front and rear-facing camera which can be connected via a 6m cable, plus a 8GB SD card for video storage.

nextbase dash cam

Kenwood DRV-A602W

This Kenwood camera will record the front and rear of your California in full HD, plus it also comes with full driver assist including collision warning, lane departure warning and departure delay warning.

kenwood dash cam


Care & Protection 

Rear bumper protector 

All that driving to new and exciting destinations and the packing & unpacking can lead to scuffs and grazes appearing around your loadbay.

Make sure you keep your paint completely protected! Our bumper protection accessory will stop the daily wear & tear taking its toll. 

Rubber floor mats 

Chasing adventure with the family is always exciting but it can also by quite tricky on your upholstery. All that sand, mud and seawater can take a toll. 

So protect against it with our heavy-duty rubber floor mats and keep your carpet showroom fresh

​Reversing sensors 

You can sometimes find yourself in some tricky positions when you're out on unfamiliar roads. 

With our reversing sensors you get an audible warning whenever you're getting too close to an object at your rear. 




Your California will naturally turn heads wherever you go, but with our range of alloys you could catch even more attention. 

Ranging from the 18" Sportline Silver our range of alloys run all the way through to the wonderfully imposing 18" Dakar Silver or Bi-Colour alloy wheels, which look extremely striking rolling along any sea front. 

Download the complete California brochure now for more info about the range. 

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Sport & Design​

Lowering springs

Just because you bought your California to treat the family doesn't mean that you can;t have it looking sportier than a hot hatch! ​

These lowering springs will take really add that sporty feel by taking your van down by 30mm, for front axle weight up to 1,550kg 1,710kg. 

Angled side bars 

Finished in striking chrome-like appearance these polished stainless steel side bars have a couple of great uses. 

  1. They look completely awesome
  2. They will prevent any dust, mud, sand or grit from scratching your sills 

Rear tailgate spoiler 

Is there anything sportier in the automotive world than a good old fashioned rear spoiler?! 

Right now you can get one added to your California and start getting all the right looks! 

*Only for vehicles with a tailgate

Front spoiler 

Complete the really sporty vibes on your California with the addition of a chin spoiler. 

Guaranteed to get you attention whether you're heading of to the beach, or you're setting up camp in deserted field somewhere in the highlands. 


LED Daytime running lights 

Not just there to add even more handsome over tones to your California, these LED daytime running lights will also help keep you safe when you're out there on those foreign roads.