Vans from Swansway Group

What is a Van?

A van is a vehicle used for transporting goods or people, it typically doesn't have side windows in the rear part.​  Larger vans with passenger seats are often used in professions such as taxi services to carry a larger number of passengers. Larger vans with only front seats are often used for business purposes, to carry goods and equipment. 

Should you buy a Van?

Van benefits:

  • Extra Space - ​A van is much larger than your average vehicle therefore whether its passengers or items, you are bound to be able to fit more of them in this vehicle 
  • Versatile - With all the extra space in the rear, you can choose to have additional seat or even get it modified in any way you want to suit your needs
  • Safer to drive - In most cases you’re higher up than in a car. You have a better view of the road and can anticipate driving decisions because you can see further ahead.
  • Fuel Economy -  Vans are designed to economise on fuel when carrying heavy loads.

Van considerations:

  • Manoeuvring -Parking and manoeuvring a van can be quite tricky due to its size.
  • Height and weight restrictions - Due to the size of the vehicle its height and weight may sometime prohibit you from accessing certain bridges or roads.
  • MOTS - MOT prices for commercial vehicles are usually more expensive than car MOTs

What to look for in a Van:

  • Size - check out all the variety of styles and sizes of vans and make sure you pick the one to suit your needs best.
  • Modification potential - If you need to make alterations to your van, make sure that the vehicle you pick has the potential to do so. The bigger you pick the more room you have to play around with