Performance Cars from Swansway Group

What is a Performance Car?

A performance car can be defined in many ways:

  • A Hot Hatch - A high-performance version of a generic hatchback model
  • Sports Car - A small, lightweight car designed with good handling
  • Supercar - An expensive, high end and luxury sports car

Performance cars are usually fun to drive, have a supportive driving position and can accelerate at a quicker speed than your everyday car.

Should you buy a Performance Car?

Performance Car benefits:

  • Head Turner - You are bound to attract attention in this type of car. So if you want a show stopping car that makes everyone jealous, this may be the car for you.
  • Fun Drive - If you love the sound of a roaring engine and have a need for speed, this car is definitely for you. There won't be a dull ride in performance cars.

​Performance Car considerations:

  • Price - performance cars are usually more pricey in all aspects from the initial purchase, expensive parts when repairing or replacing and finally fuel cost.​
  • Practicality - Most sports/ performance cars aren't designed to offer family-friendly practicality, therefore if you need a family car still, a performance car may not be for you. Or you may need to look into the Hotch hatch category of performance cars rather than Supercars 
  • Space - ​Performance cars don't tend to be the most spacious. If you need a car with enough space for all your things, consider how much space you actually need before commiting to a performance car.

What to look for in a Performance Car:

  • Engines - There is may different engines to choose from; with Turbo, V6, V8 and other options available you should consider which one will be best for you.
  • Use - You will need to consider how you are going to use your car. If its a fun and fast car your after, performance cars are for you just bare in mind that these usually only have 2 seats. However if you want a bit more of an exciting drive but still needs practicality for everyday use a hot hatch may be more suited to you.