Dashboard warning lights

Electric and Hybrid Warning Lights

We are all quite familiar with the common car warning lights that illuminate on our dashboard however with the increase of people switching to electric and hybrid vehicles, it will be more often that you will now come across a symbol you may not recognise from a standard diesel/petrol vehicle.

Here you will find all the information about what each warning light means and whether action is required if they illuminate. Our helpful guide will show you all the common car warning light symbols and indicators you will need to know about.These icons may look slightly different in your vehicle, so make sure to check you owners manual.

It’s super important to know what your car dashboard warning lights actually mean, this will not only help you potentially predict the possibility of your car breaking down but may also end up saving you money in the long run and keeping you safe on the road.

EV & hybrid car dashboard warning lights and what they mean:

There are 3 different categories of warning lights; red, amber and green:

  • Red warning lights can signify a serious problem and mean you should stop the car as soon as it's safe.
  • Amber warning lights mean that action is required as soon as possible but you don't need to stop driving immediately.
  • Green/Blue/Black warning lights are for information only and usually don't require action

What do the warning lights mean?

Green Ready to Drive Warning Light

Ready to Drive

When this symbol illuminates on your EV it means your car is turned on and ready to start driving. This indication is there as there is no engine under an electric car’s bonnet so, it’s as quiet as a mouse.In some electric vehicles, you might find the words ‘Ready’ or ‘Go’ instead. If this warning light doesn’t appear when you turn the car on, there may be a problem and you will need to seek assistance from an authorized repairer.

Green Eco Mode Warning Light

Eco Mode

When this light appears it means your car is been put into Eco mode. This is a mode which is used to extend your range and save your electric vehicles battery life. When this light is illuminated you will experience slower acceleration in order for the vehicle to enhance efficiency.

Amber General Fault Warning Light

General Fault

If this warning light illuminates on your electric car it means there is a problem with the vehicle. This could be anything from the electrical system, the battery or traction system, charging issues or more. When this light appears, it is accompanied by a message on the display screen. Follow the instructions on screen to fix the problem.

Amber Limited Power Warning Light

Limited Power

This warning light appears you will notice a reduction in the car’s speed. This could be down to an electrical fault, battery temperature, or another defect affecting the car’s performance. When this light appears, get your electric car straight to an approved dealer so they can fix the problem.

Amber Pedestrian Alert Warning Light

Pedestrian Alert

An alert not needed in fuelled vehicle, the pedestrian alert warning light. This ​When the car is travelling at slow speeds, pedestrians will he an electronic sound which This acts as a warning for pedestrians to avoid collisions. Some models may have the option to switch the sound off. This will automatically cause the symbol to stay lit up. If, however, it lights up at any other time, this indicates a fault with the alert.

Amber Low Battery Warning Lights

Low Battery

When your electric vehicle has around 10% charge remaining, this warning light will illuminate to advise your to plug in your car to charge up your battery. If this light is flashing it is indicating you have 5% or less charge and your EV will run out of power soon.

Amber Electrical Fault Warning Light

Electrical Fault

This alert is to indicate an electrical system issue. This could be the batteries, motors, or wiring. If this icon is displaying in amber, take the car to an approved dealer as soon as you can to get checked over. If the icon is displaying in red, the car could end up shutting down or performing on reduced power. You should safely go straight to an approved garage and get it looked at immediately.

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