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BYD Warning Lights

We are all quite familiar with the common car warning lights that illuminate on our dashboard however with the increase of people switching to electric and hybrid vehicles, it will be more often that you will now come across a symbol you may not recognise from a standard diesel/petrol vehicle.

Here you will find all the information about what each warning light means and whether action is required if they illuminate. Our helpful guide will show you all the common car warning light symbols and indicators you will need to know about.These icons may look slightly different in your vehicle, so make sure to check you owners manual.

It’s super important to know what your car dashboard warning lights actually mean, this will not only help you potentially predict the possibility of your car breaking down but may also end up saving you money in the long run and keeping you safe on the road.

EV & hybrid car dashboard warning lights and what they mean:

There are 3 different categories of warning lights; red, amber and green:

  • Red warning lights can signify a serious problem and mean you should stop the car as soon as it's safe.
  • Amber warning lights mean that action is required as soon as possible but you don't need to stop driving immediately.
  • Green/Blue/Black warning lights are for information only and usually don't require action

What does my BYD warning light mean?

Green Eco Mode Warning Light

Eco Mode

When this light appears it means your car is been put into Eco mode. This is a mode which is used to extend your range and save your electric vehicles battery life. When this light is illuminated you will experience slower acceleration in order for the vehicle to enhance efficiency.

Green Cruise Control Car Warning light

The green cruise light

The green cruise light will illuminate when cruise control is on your BYD.

BYD Light indicator warning light - Green warning light

Light indicator

These lights tell you when the fog lamps, side lamps, and headlights are on. Blue headlight symbols show that the main beam headlights are on.

Do you have a Warning Light on your BYD that you are worried about ?

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