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Audi Warning Lights

A quick guide for Audi car warning lights

It’s important to know what each car warning light symbol means so that you can take the right action.

Audi dashboard warning lights and indicator lights come in four primary colours. Red car warning light symbols indicate that action needs to be taken immediately, and amber warning lights indicate that action should be taken soon but not urgently. Both green and white lights connote an indication. If you have a red or amber warning light on your Audi dashboard, then book a service with us here at Swansway Motor Group and we can take care of it for you without delay. Here are the main Audi warning lights that you need to be aware of:

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What do the Warning Lights mean?

Brake warning light

The brake light

The brake light typically indicates one of two things - there is a fault within your braking system, or your brake fluid level is low.

Park warning light

The park light

The park ​light will illuminate when your parking brake is set. If the park ​light is blinking, then reapply the break to secure your vehicle.

Engine Coolant Warning Light

The coolant light

The coolant temperature light will illuminate if your coolant level is low or the coolant is getting too hot. Do not drive with this light on - check your coolant levels and seek assistance.

Oil levels Warning Light

Oil light

The red oil level light means your oil levels are low and need filling immediately. If this light appears with a similar looking amber light and your oil levels are correct, then there could be a sensor fault.

Battery Warning Light

The battery light

The battery symbol light will appear to indicate an electrical system malfunction. Do not drive the vehicle and seek assistance.

Seatbelt Warning Light

The seatbelt light

The seatbelt sign will illuminate if a passenger or the drive does not have their seatbelt on while the vehicle is on.

Power Steering Warning Light

The power steering light

This light will illuminate if there is a fault with your power steering system or the all-wheel steering system. Stop the vehicle when it is safe to do so and seek assistance. This light also appears as an amber warning if the fault is less severe

Steering Lock Warning Light

The power steering locked light

This light indicates that the electronic steering lock has malfunctioned. You may not be able to start your vehicle if you turn off the ignition. Seek assistance and do not tow your vehicle. This light also appears as an amber warning if the fault is less severe.

Ignition Lock Warning Light

The key light

The key warning light indicates that there is a fault with your Audi’s engine start system. Do not turn the engine off as you may not be able to restart it and take your Audi for a service immediately. This light also appears as an amber warning if the fault is less severe.

Red AdBlue Warning Light

The red AdBlue light

A red AdBlue light means that you need to refill your AdBlue tank otherwise the engine may no longer start.

Red Adblue Maintenance Warning Light

The red AdBlue maintenance light

The AdBlue maintenance light will only illuminate if there is a problem with the AdBlue tank or if there is a malfunction. Do not stop your car as you may not be able to restart it - seek assistance immediately.

Audi Warning Light FAQs

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