Wheel & Tracking Alignment Check

Make sure you and your vehicle stay on the right tracks

After an impact accident you want the peace of mind of knowing that your wheels are all in alignment and that your car has been repaired with the greatest care possible. Your wheel alignment is essential for the safety, performance and efficiency of your car. Incorrect wheel alignment can add unnecessary pressure to tyres which can cause them to lean into one another. When this happens your vehicle will face resistance on the road surface making your car work much harder to drive straight on the road meaning you increase your fuel consumption.

What is wheel alignment?

Wheel and tracking alignment is an important part of maintaining your car, it is basically the angle and direction that your wheels are set in.

Many things can affect your wheel alignment, even something as simple as hitting a curb or pothole. Poorly aligned wheels can increase your fuel consumption, decrease the life of your tyres and even affect your cars road holding capabilities.

Wheel and tracking alignment involves adjusting the angle of your wheels to reflect the recommended position from the manufacturer’s specification.

How do I know if my wheels need to be aligned?

Signs to look out for when your wheels are misaligned include a drag or pulling sensation whilst driving, steering wheel vibration and uneven tyre wear across the width of your tyre.

To check your tyres for uneven wear, start by turning your steering wheel to give yourself the best view. If the shoulder, inside or outside edge show considerably more wear than the rest of the tyre then misalignment could be the underlying problem.

How can I get my wheels aligned?

With our four wheel digital laser alignment system we can give you that peace of mind, with the added bonus of ensuring that your tyres last longer and wear evenly.

Book your car in for a wheel alignment check:

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