Specialist Structural Aluminium Repairs

We are specialists in ensuring your aluminium stays in top condition!

When you have a high spec car which is built using aluminium you want to know that that any repairs undertaken will be to the very highest standard.

With our stand alone aluminium bay repair facility you can be assured that there will be no cross contamination from other metals and that your car will be repaired using specialist equipment and with factory trained specialist aluminium repair technicians.

Do you own a car made from aluminium?

An increasing number of new cars are being produced using aluminium and so the need for aluminium vehicle repair services is growing. Using aluminium as the main material of cars is still quite new. This means many traditional vehicle repair shops might not know how to repair aluminium correctly. Lacking the specific skills, knowledge and tools to do so.

Should you get into an unfortunate accident in your aluminium car you may find that your regular vehicle repairer can not provide you with the services and expertise required to fix it. If you have an aluminium car it’s important to find the right body shop who has the right aluminium expertise.

Why choose a specialist aluminium repair service?

Your traditional body shop is experienced and skilled at fixing cars made from steel, not aluminium. This causes a number of implications for the mechanic as steel and aluminium are very different metals and therefore require different skills to repair.

Aluminium reacts differently to heat and welding aluminium requires specific expertise that only a specialist aluminium repair shop has. Heat spreads through aluminium much quicker than steel which can have a negative impact on the strength of your metal. Aluminium repairers can ensure that the welding process does not weaken the structure of your car during repairs.

Aluminium is far trickier to manipulate compared to steel. Steel is actually very flexible and you can bend it quite easily with applied heat repairing any dents with relative ease. Aluminium is far more difficult to shape and so you would need a specialist aluminium repair shop to do this work correctly.

Did you know that aluminium and steel are bad for each other? Even the tiniest contact with each other can cause corrosion that compromises your vehicle. It is therefore essential that a car made with aluminium is fixed with the right specialist tools.

Choosing a specialist aluminium vehicle repair shop for your car damage is not a matter of opinion or preference. It is essential so that the safety and structure of your car are not compromised in any way. Traditional repair shops are not typically set up for specialist aluminium repair work so it’s important to take your car to specialist aluminium repairers.

Why choose Swansway specialist aluminium repair?

Aluminium is becoming a major structural component on many vehicles because of its high level of performance in an impact in conjunction with its low weight. Our specialist aluminium repairers are experienced and skilled at specifically repairing aluminium vehicles.

With our stand-alone aluminium bay repair facility, you can be assured that there will be no cross-contamination from other metals and that your car will be repaired using specialist equipment and with factory trained specialist aluminium repair technicians.

We have all the necessary knowledge, skills and tools to have your aluminium car repaired in a professional and safe way. You can rest assured that our aluminium specialists will factor in all the specific conditions and requirements for your repair work to ensure your car comes out as it was intended by the manufacturer, in both structural performance and appearance.

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