Audi Warranty

Enjoy carefree driving for three, four or five years. The choice is yours.

All new Audi models come with a choice of a 3, 4 or 5 year warranty*.

What’s more, if you decide to sell your Audi before the warranty expires, it will be fully transferred to the new owner. So, whichever length of warranty you choose, you can forget about unexpected repair bills and enjoy several years of carefree driving.

Warranty prices

The table shows you the prices (including VAT at 20%) for our three, four or five year Audi warranty:

​Range#​3-year 60,000 mile
Audi warranty

4-year 75,000 mile
Audi warranty
​5-year 90,000 mile
Audi warranty
​A1​No charge​£235​£500
​A3​No charge​£245​£545
​A4​No charge​£385​£905
​A5​No charge​£535​£1,255
​A6​No charge​£560​£1,355
​A7​No charge​£730​£1,750
​A8​No charge£1,035
​Q3​No charge​​£325​£745
​Q5​No charge​£535​£1,255
​Q7​No charge​£560​£1,335
​R8​No charge​£1,035​£2,555
​TT​No charge​£385​£905

*includes S and RS models where applicable

Swansway Audi Warranty Guarantee

If during its warranty period your vehicle shows any defects in manufacture or workmanship you should contact your nearest Swansway Audi centre. We will be able to carry out the necessary work, free of charge.

If you have modified your vehicle with additional equipment or accessories, you may be charged for the removal of the equipment if necessary.

The warranty is not affected by a change of ownership of the vehicle. Any parts replaced become the property of Audi. Any replaced parts are covered for the rest of the vehicle warranty.

Audi Extended Warranty

If your Audi's warranty is about to expire, your Swansway Audi centre offer a range of products to ensure your peace of mind.

You can get one of our extended warranties from as little as £21.00 per month or £197 per year.

Why extend your existing warranty?

Our warranty cover is great value, and we make sure all warranty repairs are completed by Audi Authorised Dealers with Audi trained technicians using Audi genuine parts and specialist tools.

Your car will benefit from the care and expertise that only an Audi Dealer can deliver.

Flexible Warranties to suit you

We have two levels of cover on offer – Named Component and Comprehensive – as well as flexible payment options including a pay-as-you-go option to suit your budget.

Features and benefits

Our Comprehensive cover provides the highest level of insured warranty protection. Some of the features and benefits of the policy include:

  • Comprehensive cover against the sudden mechanical or electrical failure of all factory fitted components on your Audi
  • Choice of annual or monthly cover (monthly cover available on unlimited mileage options only)
  • Choice of excess levels - £0, £100 or £250

Components which are excluded from cover are specified in your policy handbook

Maximum claim limit is the value of the vehicle at point of purchase of the policy (please note that this may be determined retrospectively at the time of the claim)

Not available for vehicles with mileage over 100,000 miles (at the time of purchasing the warranty)