Rear of Peugeot with bike rack

PEUGEOT Accessories

Pack more into your PEUGEOT

Your PEUGEOT is more than just your family car, route to work or general run around.

You spend a lot of time in your car and you had the good taste to choose a PEUGEOT, so why not make sure that your car is as suited to you as it can be. When you buy genuine PEUGEOT accessories from Swansway Group you can be sure that you're buying from the team that know your car best. What's more our PEUGEOT trained technician will fit the parts for you, so you know you'll be getting the best service.

To find out more about these packs, or to check whether these are available for your PEUGEOT, give us a call on 01244 883074 .

Terms and conditions: *Load and volumes capacities will vary dependent on model.

Styling ​

Your PEUGEOT is designed to be the head of the class when it comes to styling. So if you start feeling your theme is slipping, then make sure you catch it with some additions.

Within our range of styling accessories you can add anything from exterior decals that can be matched throughout your vehicle in the form of custom mats and even key fob decoration.

Whether you're trying to add some more good vibes to your 108, or you're wanting to deliver some more cutting edge to the theme of your 5008, we have the accessory for you.

All you need to do is either give our team a call now on 01244 883074​, or you can click on your PEUGEOT's button below to download the accessories voucher for you!

White Peugeot 3008 front driving down the street


Nothing speaks more to having stylish flair that a PEUGEOT with a spoiler, we think you'll agree. 

Our range of genuine PEUGEOT spoilers have been created with your car in mind, by the people who know it best! Designed by PEUGEOT to complement and enhance your car’s original styling​ this accessory is the perfect addition to create a more sporty version of your vehicle. 


Decals & Graphics

There's nothing better than knowing your car in unequivocally yours and the best way to assert this is by stamping your mark on to!

With our range of bold decals, made from a high-quality vinyl, you can be sure to achieve the look you want. 

Designed to withstand frequent cleaning, including car washes.​ Designs available include: 
Sport, Tattoo, Barcode and Diamond themes


No stylishly, slick and sporty PEUGEOT would be complete without a dash of flair down below!

With our range of stunning alloys you can start your new look right where you're supposed to, from the ground up!

What's more, PEUGEOT alloys are manufactured to the highest industry standards. So not only do they look good, you can be sure there's are no compromise on performance or safety either.

Download your vehicle brochure now to get your alloys sorted.

Door sill protectors

You may be thinking that adding door sill protectors is just taking care of the little things.

But these amazing accessories not only help upgrade the aesthetic of your doors they also prevent them from becoming scuffed and scraped over time.

So you get to keep your car in tip top condition and look great while you're doing it!

Wing mirror covers

Whether you've got a diminutive 108, or decided to go all out on an amazing SUV like the 3008 we have wing mirror covers that will elevate your aesthetic and help keep your paintwork protected.

  • 108 -Bold and playful styles designs really help your 108 stand out from the crowd one wing at a time

  • 208- Choose from classic finished like chrome, chequered and gloss black with red piping to make your 208 your own
  • 2008 -Tones of the exotic hit the 2008 when you take a look at the wing mirror covers. Citrus, orange and flash pink are just some of the options available
  • 308 - Gloss black and other classic themes help give the 308 a taste of you
  • 3008 - More bold styling awaits in the 3008 area. With chrome forming the base of the colour range.

If you'd like some more information about how our stylish range of accessories can make your road life easier give our team a call on 01244 883074 , or enquire online now.


Just because your PEUGEOT was built to be at home in the city doesn't mean it has to stay there!

Check out our range of accessories to help you and your car make the most of the great outdoors

Tow bars 

If you're thinking of getting really stuck into nature on your next holiday with your friends or family. Then make sure you don't have to leave one supply at home. 

Kiss goodbye to having to choose which item you're leaving at home, because you don't have room in the car. Our tow bars are designed to help you make the most of your break. 

Available as either fixed or detachable accessories your tow bar can be as permanent or temporary as you like. 

Why go fixed?

  • Versatile towing solution

  • Increase your load capacity

  • Perfect for additional items, such as a tow bar mounted cycle carrier

Why go detached?

  • Quick and easy to remove

  • No tools needed

  • Neat and tidy solution when not in use

White Peugeot 508 SW with bike rack

Roof bars

An absolutely essential piece of kit if you love getting out there and making the most of your breaks.

When you've added all you can in the boot you can start loading up the transverse bars. Once you've added these handy bars the sky's the limit in terms of what you can get up to on your holidays.

Fit the bars with ease then add accessories like a luggage box, luggage bag or cycle carrier​. The box and the bag will add litres of extra space to the roof of your vehicle and tons of new storage options. Whereas the cycle carrier will allow you to safely store the steed until you get to the trails.

Roof boxes

A practical yet stylish way to increase your luggage capacity, roof boxes allow you to safely transport bulky items, like tents or pushchairs.​

  • Available in various sizes to suit your needs (Short - 330 litres; Mid – 420 litres; Long – 420 litres)

  • Easy side access

  • Gas strut mechanism for easy opening and closing

  • Multi-point central locking for secure transportation

Roof bags

Get some more flexibility to your storage solutions with a roof bag. Perfect for storing bulky items from camping equipment to ski gear​.

  • 280 litre capacity

  • Fitted to PEUGEOT roof bars

  • Transport large items safely and securely

  • Optimises functionality of the anti-pollution system (Diesel Particulate Filter or FAP)

  • Waterproof

  • EASY SNAP rapid fit system

  • Easy to remove when not in use


Your PEUGEOT is your pride and joy, but more than that it's your daily companion and your means of conveyance.

So it can be annoying when elements of wear and tear start creeping into your bodywork and upholstery. Beat that deterioration depression with our range of protective products

Protection packs fet that all round feeling of protection with our range of coverage packs.

With the weather constantly changing you need to know you car is ready for anything the elements can throw at it.

So just choose the pack for you and start taking on mother nature!

  • Pack 1 - Rubber mats, front and rear mudflaps​ - The best way to provide effective protection of the original carpets inside your car, while the bodywork outside is shielded from damage that can be caused by road debris​
  • Pack 2 - Rubber mats, front and rear mudflaps and boot tray - The addition of a high sided boot tray ensures protection against dirty items and helps to contain any small spills in the boot.​
  • Pack 3 - Rubber mats, front and rear mudflaps, boot tray and sill protectors - The full monty, with attractive sill protectors that will protect your car sills from scuffs and scratches.
Peugeot 208 in blue and yellow driving down a road


Far from being just somewhere to stick your muddy feet when you get back into the car. Our range of protective mats are available in a range of different style and can even come with your vehicle's logo embroidered or printed on.

Moreover our range of genuine PEUGEOT mats come specifically designed to fit the shape of your car and they also come with a range of safety features which mean they won't get caught under your feet when you're driving or become stuck on the pedals, causing potentially dangerous situations.

Why get mats for your car?

  • Carpet mats with a range of attractive designs to compliment your PEUGEOT
  • Velour mats for a touch of luxury inside
  • Rubber mats are hard-wearing and made from a washable material
  • Designed to fit your PEUGEOT
  • Driver’s side mats clip into place
  • Stylish and hard-wearing

Mud flaps

There's nothing worse than getting back from a weekend away in the country, or a scenic winter drive to find out that all that fun in the puddles or on the rural tracks has wreaked havoc with your wheel arch paintwork.

More than being just a threat to your paint, scratches and scuffs as a result of driving around your tyres and bodywork may become a threat to your wallet as well, especially when it comes to resale. So why run the risk of being stung, for just doing what makes you happy in your motor?

Our range of protective mud flaps ensure that you have a worry free roam in the country knowing that your paint is protected. Created to fit your PEUGEOT perfectly, the moulded design means the mud flaps can slot seamlessly into the lines of your car.

Green Peugeot 308 front parked at side of street

Parking sensors

Protecting your PEUGEOT is just about stopping dirt and grime from infiltrating those no go areas in your motor. It's also about making sure that the exterior of your motor stays in pristine condition. After-all and exterior damage could end up harming your wallet it when it comes to trade in time.

Integrated subtly into your car's bodywork our range of front and rear parking sensors don't harm that exterior aesthetic that first drew you to PEUGEOT. Emitting an audible bleep when the car approaches an obstacle, our sensors ensure that you're able to easily manoeuvre into even the tightest of spaces with confidence. Those beeps will get more frequent the closer you get to an obstacle.

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