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Free Audi Health Check

What We Inspect During Your Audi Health Check

Whilst your Audi is visiting one of our centres, we will inspect the following:

  • Interior - ​Instruments, Horn, Interior lights, Seatbelt operation, Windscreen washers,
  • Exterior - ​Bodywork, Glass and mirrors, External lights, Wiper blades
  • Under Bonnet - ​Fluid levels, Drive belts, battery condition
  • Brakes & Suspension - Brake pads, Brake discs, Brake hoses, Dampers
  • Underbody - ​Steering, Drive shafts, hoses, Exhaust system, General fluid leaks, Tyre tread depth, Tyre pressures and conditions

Each area will be given a rating of red, amber or green, indicating any actions needed and how urgent they are.

  • Red - Item requires immediate attention. Your Audi Centre will advise accordingly, and you may be able to view online using our Audi Cam technology.
  • Amber - Item may require replacement in the near future. Your Audi Centre will advise of a

    suitable follow up date and contact you at the appropriate time.

  • Green - Your Audi is performing at its best.

Audi Vehicle Health Check FAQs

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