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What is an SUV?

In the UK we just love an SUV! Short for Sports Utility Vehicle, we just can’t get enough of this robust bodystyle.

Why? Well many people prefer the elevated driving position, roomier interior and chunkier styling that’s part and parcel of an SUV.

Before the SUV style really took off, all SUV were 4-wheel drive; now with the bodystyle so popular, the 4-wheel drive element is just not necessary for many drivers, after all who needs the extra weight and lower fuel economy of a 4x4 on the school run or dashing around town?

A 2-wheel drive SUV looks the same, offers the same elevated driving position, more room for the kids, but is usually less expensive and generally means fewer visits to fill up the tank.

Size-wise SUV now come from the cute and ultra-compact, right up to the more traditional big beasts; all you need to decide is which one best suits your lifestyle.

Front view of orange Peugeot SUV and rear view of blue Peugeot SUV, both with silver alloy wheels and tinted windows

Should I buy an SUV?

Ask yourself these 5 questions:

  • Do I need to be able to reconfigure the interior of my car?
  • Am I going to be starting or expanding my family in the next couple of years?
  • Is the higher access height practical for my passengers?
  • Do I need to tow a trailer; a caravan or horsebox for example?
  • Do I carry luggage, sports equipment, children’s paraphernalia often?

You may just be a lover of the chunkier, more rugged SUV style, but even so, you need to think about how it will work for you; for example, if you often transport elderly passengers, the height from the ground could prove an obstacle to them accessing the car.

We’ve gathered together all our latest, brand new SUV offers, to help you find the perfect car, at the perfect price! If you're looking for an SUV as your next car, browse our range of SUV offers above.

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