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What is an MPV?

MPV stands for Multi-Purpose Vehicle, the most versatile of all bodystyles and perfect for those who want to go adventuring with family and friends.

The majority of MPV have seven seats making them the car of choice for those with large families or lots of friends. With room for plenty of people and their associated luggage an MPV is the ultimate in flexibility; pop on some roof bars and you can carry extra luggage or even a kayak! Clip on a bike rack and you can all be free-wheeling in no time.

With all that load space you can turn house remover if needs be, or fit in a whole tournament’s worth of football, basketballs or odd-shaped rugby balls.

Should I buy an MPV?

Thing to think about:

  • Do I have a large and growing family?
  • Do you have lots of friends who you like to spend time with?
  • Do you need versatile and flexible seating combinations?
  • Do you need easy access for elderly and younger passengers?
  • Do you need to carry a lot of luggage or everyday stuff?

In many MPVs you can optimise the seating configuration, dependent on the number of passengers and the amount of luggage you need to carry; this means you can seat seven adults in whichever way works best for you, leaving room for luggage whether that’s suitcases, gym bags or a team’s worth of hockey sticks!

Sliding side doors make it easier for your passengers to get on board and if you’re a large family you’ll love the flexibility which is offered by the majority of MPV. You can choose an MPV based on a van; one based on a car or others which are stand-alone cars.

Brilliant for taking the whole family to the seaside, up into the hills or off to the Eurotunnel an MPV makes adventuring easy and will swallow you family and friends with all their ancillary ‘stuff’ with ease.

We’ve gathered together all our latest, brand new saloon offers, to help you find the perfect car, at the perfect price!

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