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You won't have to worry when it comes to choosing the perfect Honda e for you with Swansway Honda. Our professional team are committed to giving you their best price, ensuring that you always get a Honda finance offer that you are pleased with.

You'll be amazed as soon as you get behind the wheel of the Honda E. A bank of huge screens stretches the length of the windscreen, housing a variety of functions, apps, and activities.

With functionality such as checking the battery charge level and how to maintain it, sat-nav, DAB, Apple CarPlay right at your fingertips. Want something quirky? You can even turn the dash display screen into a moving digital aquarium with tropical fish swimming amid the waving coral. A stretch of open-grain, natural wood runs the length of the car beneath the screens. The brown seatbelts compliment the wood for a quiet, natural, and inviting atmosphere. The same trim surrounds the gear selection buttons.

Outside the vehicle you will find a futuristic styling, Aerodynamics also plays a huge part in this design.is the name of the game. Everything on the exterior is designed to deliver the maximum amount of performance per charge.

There are a couple of Honda trims to choose from, including the Honda E and Honda E Advance. View all our Honda E offers above.

Whether you're looking to finance or buy a Honda e, we have a selection of Honda e cars available to suit your budget.

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