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What is a coupe?

If you like to turn heads, then a coupe could be the car for you!

The choice of a coupe is definitely a heart and not a head choice; although some models are now a little more practical, in general the low, sleek shape of a coupe makes it much less practical than other bodystyles; but when your car attracts admiring glances wherever you go…who cares!

Should I buy a coupe?

We know they look great, but you need to ask yourself these 5 questions:

•Am I prepared to sacrifice some practicality for good looks?

•Are my children small enough to be comfortable in the rear seats?

•Will my children out-grow it relatively quickly?

•If you carry elderly passengers, will they be able to access a low-slung car?

•Is it time for me to have something just for me?

The coupe’s distinctive style comes from having two larger doors, with a roof that sweeps dramatically down towards the rear; is it practical, I hear you ask? Well, for a family with adult-sized teenage children, probably not, but 2+2 models can accommodate young children meaning mum and dad can live the dream!

Whilst the coupe shape never really changes, you can select a coupe in many different sizes from compact right up to grand tourer. Manufacturer’s are trying to bring a little more practicality to the bodystyle by keeping the slinky shape, but adding rear doors to allow for larger rear seat passengers.

We’ve gathered together all our latest, brand new coupe offers, to help you find the perfect car, at the perfect price!

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