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The Range Rover Velar

The Range Rover Velar comes across as a pretty striking character, from its exterior presence to the executive-class appeal of its interior it screams luxury SUV. However all this luxury and high-end living doesn’t mean that the Velar is out of touch with the consumer. Whilst you’ll look extremely eye-catching from the exterior and the interior looks like it’s come straight out of a corner of the Oval Office. The interior is also quintessentially Land Rover in terms of how spacious it is.

So you should have no problems getting all your luggage packed away if you’re thinking of taking advantage of the odd long weekend and heading for the nearest stretch of coastline. Moving from interior size to engine size. Regardless of which Velar trim you go for, your BHP will always be looking pretty handsome above 200 mark, which you would expect. But what you maybe wouldn’t expect is the comparatively low running noise you experience from a two tonne vehicle rolling along with a 200+ BHP engine.

So while the Velar might come in at the top end of most budgets, there is a very good reason for that. It’s because it’s a pretty impressive machine.

Any time the practicality of large, business-like interior space and smart exterior looks can marry together complete with a powerful, yet quiet, engine, there’s going to be a reasonable cost.

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