Used Range Rover

With its three classic lines of the lower accent graphic, floating roofline and continuous waistline, the Range Rover is unmistakable.

Why buy a used Range Rover?

Buying a used car can have a lot of benefits, especially in the luxury car market. The Range Rover's off-road performance is among the best in its category. It's also one of the few SUVs out there that can easily wade through water so definitely lives up to its off-roading name. You can take this vehicle anywhere. But what comes with all fantastic luxury cars, is the higher price tag… but not if you go used! You can enjoy the fantastic features and luxury feel of a Range Rover but get it for a much more affordable price just by looking at used Range Rover options.A car with a rich history and has remained in a class of its own since the 1950s. The Range Rover is rough and ready, and yet sleep perfect for business. It’s spacious for families and adventure-ready as soon as you are.

The idea of a Range Rover was always to combine comfort and on the road and off-road ability. Providing owners with space, safety, and as many features as they could possibly want in the car. The Range Rover classic created in the 1970s, and running till 1996 was the product of years of extensive testing. Upmarket families and farmers wanted the Range Rover, yet surprisingly didn’t actually gain the second set of doors until 1981. And it was in the same year that they’re ‘In Vogue’ limited edition Range Rover was launched. With an automatic transmission, the car appeals further still, allowing pretty much anyone to drive it.

The Range Rover of the 1980s brings beautiful large engines, stunning wooden trim and interior, and a range of luxury features. You could now find electric seats, electric windows, and electric sunroof. This was just the thought of what the Range Rover had planned. Early into the 1990s, a long-wheelbase model with electronically controlled air suspension went on sale, an introduction that would be key features of its replacement. The Range Rover Classic, which once was the original, remained in production for a further two years.

The original Range Rover will always be held as a masterpiece, it is an example of how far we have come in the design of cars. And everything leading up to the Range rovers that we know today. Fast forward some 45 years, and there is a wide range of Range Rovers available to you. The smaller Land Rover models are the Range Rover Evoque and a Discovery Sport. That’s quite close in size, but they are pitched to different buyers. The Evoque is more stylish based on a lifestyle SUV, while the Discovery Sport is more practical.

There are several mid-size Land Rover SUVs, the Land Rover Discovery, the Range Rover Velar, and the Range Rover Sport. The Range Rover Discovery offers a three-row family seating, well the Range Rover Velar is technically the same size and doesn't provide the three-row seating; however, it is more stylish some would say. The Range Rover Sport is intended to combine Velar's attractive looks with the practicality of this Discovery.And of course, there is the top of the range The Range Rover SVAutobiography.If you are ready to enjoy the history and luxury of the stunning Range Rover range, then book a test drive today

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