Used Honda Accord

The Honda Accord remains an affordable, reliable model.

There is no denying that when it comes to an affordable saloon car, many will think of the Honda Accord. It has been a successful mainstream vehicle for Honda and has stood the test of time. The four door saloon variant of the Honda Accord is one of the models we most associate with it, and it has been around for decades. However, there are different generations of models, car body styles, engine sizes and specifications through the years that are available on the used car market.

The History and Development of the Honda Accord

After the huge success of the Honda Civic, the company was looking to capitalise and introduce a new vehicle that had more size and power than the Civic. After extensive design and testing processes, the Honda Accord was created and eventually released to the general public. It was a landmark launch for the company and saw them extend their dominance in the global car market at the time.

The first Accord was released in 1976 and its first generation lasted for five years until 1981. The original design of the Accord features a longer nose with a sloping hatchback rear design. One of the things that made it stand out most was its very impressive fuel economy. It ran very efficiently and this drove very high early sales of the vehicle.

The second generation of the Accord arrived in late 1981. At this time, the success of the car continued as it became the best selling Japanese vehicle in the US market to date, and sales were strong around the world. The insides of the car were very similar to the first generation. However, the change came in the form of the design and interior features. The chrome accents and velour interior aspects proved very popular at the time.

The third generation came with retractable headlights, which became pretty iconic at the time. New features also made the car more stable and handling was improved massively. It was a big breakthrough for the car market in general at the time.

Top tips for buying your used Honda Accord

Here are some of the essential things to think about when it comes to finding and purchasing your used Honda Accord:

  • Budget - when it comes to budget you may be enticed to think about the whole cost of the vehicle, but this isn’t necessarily your budget unless you plan to use your savings. It might be that you want to use a hire purchase or finance option, so it might be worth looking at what your monthly budget is instead. This will give you a better insight into what the total figure budget is for your car purchase.
  • Specification - think about the things that are important to you. There may be some negotiable elements such as heated seats, or some non-negotiable such as air conditioning or adjustable seating.
  • Seeing the vehicle - last of all, make sure you arrange a test drive and get a feel for the vehicle you plan to purchase. This will help to solidify your choice.

Engines and Options

There are various levels of trim, specification and engine sizes that you can find in the Honda Accord range as a used vehicle:

  • Car body style - Hatchback, Tourerand Saloon
  • Engine size - 1.5L 2.0L or 2.4L i-VTEC engine
  • Specification and trim levels - EX, LX and ES
  • Gearbox - six speed manual gearbox or automatic

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