Honda e

Welcome to a new age of driving a Honda.

A comfortably insulated car in a virtually soundless world. There are no gears in the vehicle, just the light touch of the accelerator pedal delivers seamlessly smooth power from a source that’s clean and efficient, with zero emissions.

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This fantastic vehicle was selected for the renowned 2018 Car Design Awards, the Honda e concept was described as bringing ‘a much-needed sense of personality to EV space’.

Saving Energy​

​The Honda e electric car, was first shown at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show and is no longer a concept; it’s becoming a reality! Honda Decided to make the Urban EV electric as they are cheaper to run, there are also tax advantages and some Government grants that you can benefit from too. All-in-all, going green will be saving a lot more than just the environment…it’ll be saving you money.


The Honda e is home to a unique and relaxing environment.

The interior of this electric vehicle is surprisingly spacious. It has been created with natural materials and wood finish accents, you’ll experience driving in a relaxed ambience, reminiscent of a lounge.

It is an experience that can only be described as unique. In every sense, Honda's new electric car will change the way you drive forever.

What to look for in the Urban EV?

  • The Honda e has a sporty-looking appearance, while the front windscreen provides a wider drivers view.
  • an EV with compact proportions. This gives the car a planted, muscular stance that hints at a more sporty driving experience.
  • The Honda badge with be backlit in blue, this is going to be a distinguishing feature on all future electric cars in the Honda brand.
  • Entry and exit from the e is through the elegant, rear-hinged coach doors.
  • Interactive messages can be displayed between the headlights and tail lights. These messages can include greetings, charging status and even advice for other drivers on the road.
Interior Extremely Spacious
Urban EV Electric Car
interactive message display Between headlights + tail lights.