PEUGEOT Passport Finance

Drive a brand new PEUGEOT vehicle every three years.

With fixed monthly payments and a term that you decide on, PEUGEOT Passport is an affordable way to own a car.

  • Initial Outlay 0-40% of vehicle price
  • Fixed monthly payments
  • Three options at the end

How Does Peugeot Passport Work?

  • You decide the deposit you wish to pay
  • Make monthly payments over 36 months followed by an optional final payment to buy
  • Choose your annual mileage which will forecast the vehicle's value and set the optional final payment to buy

What are the Benefits of PEUGEOT Passport:

Low initial outlay available

  • Fixed monthly payments to help you budget
  • Optional service plan to avoid unexpected servicing costs just when you don't need them!
  • No risk of negative equity

What happens at the end of my contract?

  • At the end of your PEUGEOT Passport agreement you will have 3 options:
  • Pay the amount we anticipate your vehicle will be worth (the anticipated future value) and own your vehicle outright​
  • Hand your vehicle back with nothing further to pay (subject to mileage and conditions)
  • Part-exchange your vehicle for a brand new one.
close up front peugeot 508 grill and bonnet

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