Buy in 4 Easy Steps Buying your next car or van online is easy and can be done on the go or in the comfort of your own home.
Step 1 Browse Stock Look through our extensive stock to find the perfect vehicle for you. There will always be somebody on hand to help if you need.
Step 2 Part-Exchange If you have a vehicle you’d like to trade-in, we’ll make you an offer that you can use against your purchase.
Step 3 Buy Online Apply for finance online or pay in full. Not quite decided? Reserve the vehicle of your choice with a fully refundable deposit.
Step 4 Click and Collect Your vehicle will be waiting for you to make final inspections so you can drive away the vehicle of your dreams in no time.
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Got a question? We've covered the most commonly asked below, but if we've missed yours just get in touch and we'll be happy to help.


What happens after I've reserved a car?


One of our team from the dealership will give you a call to arrange a visit so you can see if you’d like to purchase the car or not.

What if I decide I no longer want the car?


If you’ve just paid a reservation fee, but not agreed to buy the vehicle, simply let us know you no longer want it and we’ll refund your reservation fee within 14 days. Please read our terms and conditions for your full cancellation rights.

How long is the car reserved for?


Once you’ve paid the reservation fee we’ll be in touch to arrange for you to view / test drive the car. If we cannot get in touch with you we will hold the vehicle for a maximum of 48 hours, by which point we will re-offer the vehicle for sale.

How secure are your online payment methods?


All of our online payments go through Stripe, a secure verified online payment provider that uses encrypted software protecting your card details, we won’t store any of your card details.


Can I buy on finance?


Yes, we offer a variety of different finance types to help you afford your vehicle.

Can I pay with cash?


If you would like to pay for the vehicle outright you will need to contact the dealership where the car you're looking at is located.

Can I transfer my personalised number plate?


Yes, there is a charge for this.

How do I get my current finance settlement?


Your finance provider will be able to give you a settlement for your current agreement.​

What are the different types of car finance?


When you buy a vehicle from us with finance you'll have the following choice of finance products; PCP (personal contract purchase), FL (finance lease), PCH (personal contract hire) and HP (hire purchase).

Find out more about the types of finance available here.

What if I'm declined finance?


If you are declined finance from our primary lender we will do what we can to offer you an alternative from our other lenders.

How can I find out if I'm eligible for credit?


Whether or not you're eligible for finance will depend on a few factors, such as; your age, employment status, financial situation and affordability. If you're not aware of your current credit score we would recommend checking it prior to making an application with a soft credit checker. Checking your score with a soft checker will not negatively affect your credit score, but will give you an idea of what creditors will see when they look at your profile.

Can I make changes to my order?


Whether you can amend your order will depend on a variety of factors, we would recommend speaking to the dealership with which you placed the order as they will be able to tell you what is or isn't possible. Our full terms and conditions for amending or cancelling your order can be found here.​

Can I use my part-exchange towards the deposit of a new vehicle?


Yes, you can use your part-exchange towards part or all of your deposit, depending on the deposit and how much you're offered for your part-exchange. If you are part-exchanging a car on a finance agreement we will need to settle the agreement as part of the transaction, anything left after the settlement has taken place can be used towards your deposit.

How can I find out what my current vehicle is worth?


Simply pop your details into our online car valuation tool and let it do the work. As long as everything you've entered is a fair and honest representation of the vehicle you wish to part-exchange we will honour this price in all of our dealerships.

Is my part-exchange price guaranteed?


Yes, as long as all the information entered into our online valuation tool is correct we will honour this in each of our dealerships.

What if the value of my part-exchange is more than the deposit amount?


You will be entitled to claim cashback on your purchase, this will be arranged directly with the dealership you are choosing to purchase from.


How do I make a complaint?


We always try to deliver excellent customer service, however we understand that we may not always get it right and you need to bring these issues to our attention. We will do our best to resolve any issues you do have as quickly as possible. Please direct any problems or complaints to our customer care team who can be reached on 01270 864354 or at

If after speaking to our customer care team you don't feel satisfied with the outcome we would recommend contacting the Motor Ombudsman, who are a fully-impartial dispute resolution body. You can contact them via, or call their advice line on 0345 241 3008 (option 1).

What happens if I have a problem with the car after taking delivery?


If you have any issues after taking delivery please contact our Customer Care team on 01270 864354  or and we will do our best to resolve your problem.

Free & Fast Online Valuation When selling or part-exchanging, it is essential to know what your vehicle is worth in order to get the best price.