Why is your braking system so important?

The braking system on your car is arguably the most important in keeping you and others safe on the road, so it’s in important to know when your brakes don’t feel right and are starting to wear. A braking inspection not only checks the whole system but your wheels as well, so it’s a good idea to get this checked regularly, and if something doesn’t feel right book in with your nearest dealership in straight away.

When should you get a brake inspection

It doesn’t matter if you have a used or new car, you should get an annual brake inspection every year or every 12,000 miles – whichever comes first.

When you need an inspection is also dependent on your driving style and where you drive. If your constantly doing long journeys or going off road then you should get your brakes checked more regularly than someone who only uses their car to go to the local shops.

Close up of a Audi brakes with Audi branded caliper  on it

What Do They Check During A Brake Inspection

A brake inspection involves a fully comprehensive check of all aspects of the braking system and wheels, let’s look at what our expert technicians will do:


Signs that your car needs a break inspection

If you notice any of the following happening before your annual scheduled inspection, then it’s a good idea to book a brake inspection in.

  • Dashboard warning lights
  • Leaking brake fluid
  • Unresponsive brakes
  • Strange noise or vibrations
  • Spongy or hard brakes
  • Vehicle pulling
  • Grinding or squeaking when brakes are applied

Get a free brake inspection at Swansway

A brake inspection can take as little as half an hour so it’s definitely worth getting one regularly, of course if any damage is found it will take longer, but it’s better to be safe than sorry right?

At all of our Swansway dealerships we can offer a free brake inspection and if damage is found, you won’t be pressured to get it fixed with us, we’re more worried about keeping the roads safe.

Book A Free Brake Inspection



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