Most popular car in its segment so far in 2022

Peugeot has really been expanding its line-up of electric and hybrid models in the last few years, and a car that’s proven particularly popular in its electrified range is the e-208.

Introduced in 2019, close to 110,000 e-208s have now been produced, making it the most popular car in its segment so far in 2022. Peugeot has now announced a number of updates for the model to ensure it remains competitive. The changes might not be all that significant, but enhance this package further. Let’s take a look.


Benefits from the new e-308 changes

Peugeot is rapidly expanding its line-up of EVs, and recently the French firm has confirmed a new entry to its range – the e-308.

An electric version of the latest-generation Peugeot 308, it’s set to be a popular addition and sit alongside petrol, diesel and plug-in hybrid versions of the model, with the e-308 offered as both a hatchback and a 308 SW estate. It’s this model that serves as the inspiration for these updates on the e-208.

Longer range

The e-208’s 225-mile electric range is already impressive for a model the size of a superpini, but Peugeot has announced it will use a new, more efficient battery.

The usable battery capacity increases from 46.6kWh to 48.1kWh, and means the e-208 is now able to travel for up to a claimed 248 miles on a charge – a 10.5 per cent increase on the current model.

Blue PEUGEOT e-208 plugged into charging port
interior of peugeot e 208

More powerful than before

Peugeot has also changed the e-208’s electric motor, giving it more power than before. This has increased by 15 per cent from 134bhp to 154bhp, with the 260Nm torque figure remaining unchanged.

Peugeot hasn’t yet confirmed performance figures, but we expect an improvement on the previous 7.9-second 0-60mph time.

Advantages from 2021 optimisation remain

Peugeot announced changes to its e-208 at the end of 2021 to maximise the e-208’s range and driving experience, and these changes have been carried over here.

They include a heat pump coupled with a humidity sensor that maximises energy efficiency of the heating and air conditioning. More eco-friendly tyres have also been used, while the transmission was changed to increase the range on motorway journeys.

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