What is a PDI?

A PDI (pre-delivery inspection) is an essential process that every new car must go through before being handed over to the Customer. This ensures that the product is in perfect condition and meets the manufacturer's standards. The PDI process helps to detect any issues that might have been missed during manufacturing or transportation, eliminating any problems to the car that could concern the customer.


The Importance of PDI

The PDI process is essential as it aims to ensure that the vehicle is in good quality and suitable for a customer to use. It helps to identify any issues that may have occurred during the manufacturing, assembling, or transportation process that might impact its overall performance.

The PDI team does a thorough check of every aspect of the car, including the brakes, suspension system, engine, safety features, and various other essential parts. This process enhances the product's quality and reduces the risk of any potential issues further down the line.

Benefits of a PDI

Pre-Delivery Inspections have several benefits as it helps to prevent the need for future repairs by detecting any issues. It ensures that the customer receives a new vehicle that is problem free, which enhances the overall customer experience. Furthermore, a PDI helps to identify system errors or accidental damage caused during transportation, ensuring the product is safe and in good working order.

Additionally, the PDI process reduces the risks of warranty defects, which can cause inconvenience to the buyer.

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Does a PDI affect my delivery date?

A PDI does not delay the delivery date of a new car as time is always scheduled in to complete the process. Normally a PDI takes just after the car is delivered to the dealership and only takes a few hours to complete. Only time a delay would happen is if a problem is found with the car during the inspection.

Although this is a rare occurrence, it is important to remember that a PDI ensures the new car is in a safe and working order so if any issues are found, they must be fixed.

PDI Inspection Checklist:

The PDI process follows a list of checks and tests every important part of the car.

The checklist includes:

  • Checking the safety belts
  • The air conditioning and heating systems
  • Testing all electrical components
  • The condition of the tires and brakes
  • A comprehensive road test to ensure that the product is in good running condition.

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How to use a PDI report?

When you collect or take delivery of your new car, it is important to check it is in full working order by reading the PDI report. You should then check the car to make sure that the technician hasn’t missed anything. Firstly, check that you have all the relevant documents and that your name and vehicle registration is spelt correctly.

You should check:

  • The car invoice
  • Payment receipts
  • V5 document and insurance booklet
  • Road Tax Registration
  • Warranty papers
  • Owner’s manual

A Pre-Delivery Inspection is crucial for every new vehicle, it is a mandatory process that is legally required that provides lots of benefits. A PDI checklist ensures that every aspect of the product is inspected, ensuring that the product meets the manufacturer's criteria and the buyer's expectations.

After the PDI process, you can be sure to have a safe, high-quality, and reliable car to enjoy for years to come.



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