The New Volkswagen Touareg

Volkswagen’s flagship SUV - the Touareg - has been with us for quite a while now, having been one of the first luxury SUVs of its type when it first arrived. These days, the Touareg is up against fierce competition, which is probably why Volkswagen has just announced a new model that aims to crank things up a gear.

Red Volkswagen Touareg rear

Bold design

The Touareg has always incorporated a chunky, no-nonsense kind of styling and this has been developed for the new version. It’s still very recognisable as Volkswagen’s tip-top SUV, but it has been refined and tweaked to make it even more appealing.

There’s a chunkier grille up front with larger air intakes, while around the back there’s a full-width light bar. Plus, the rear Volkswagen logo lights up too - something we’re expecting to see on many more cars from the brand over the coming years.

Futuristic headlights

Those new headlights aren’t just good to look at, they’re also jam-packed with technology. Incorporating HD Matrix technology, they feature 38,000 LEDs that ‘project a light carpet’ onto the road ahead, providing a huge amount of illumination in the process.

They’ve also got adaptive technology so that the light beam can be ‘split’. This means that you can keep the car’s full beams on, but the system will ensure that oncoming road users aren’t dazzled.

Red Volkswagen Touareg headlights
Red Volkswagen Touareg interior

Upgraded infotainment

As you might expect with a new model, there’s a good amount of fresh tech onboard the Touareg. The previous-generation car debuted a super-large infotainment screen and this has largely been retained but updated with some new systems.

The standard voice control has been improved, while the satellite navigation now uses high-definition map data. Plus, the USB-C connections are more powerful than before, enabling quicker charge times for smartphones and other devices.

New suspension setup

Another clever function of the new Touareg is a standard roof load sensor that is linked with the suspension. If a roof load is detected, then the Electronic Control System can intervene earlier than usual in order to keep things under control.

There’s also active roll compensation which helps to keep the car as flat as possible through the bends, ensuring a sportier and more confidence-inspiring driving experience.

Red Volkswagen Touareg rear driving

Wide range of engines

The Touareg will be accompanied by a variety of petrol and diesel engines, with all versions paired to an eight-speed automatic and Volkswagen’s 4Motion all-wheel-drive system which can help provide plenty of traction even in very slippery conditions.

There will be plug-in hybrid versions available too and though Volkswagen has stated that the range-topping Touareg R e Hybrid will be returning, it’s not clear whether this will be heading to UK markets.



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