Volkswagen already has an extensive line-up of electric cars falling under its ‘ID’ umbrella.

There’s the ID.3 hatchback, ID.4 SUV and the more recent addition of the ID.5 coupe-SUV, and we can’t not mention the fantastic new retro-inspired ID.Buzz. But soon there will be a brand-new addition in the form of the ID.7.

Making its debut in camouflage at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, let’s take a look at what you need to know about it.


It will use the Volkswagen Group’s MEB platform

When Volkswagen started producing its first bespoke EVs, the brand announced the creation of a new electric car platform, known as the modular electric drive matrix (MEB).

It’s been used on all new VW EVs since the ID.3, and the new ID.7 will be no different. It shows the flexibility of MEB, too, as it will be used on hatchbacks, SUVs, MPVs and now a saloon car for the first time.

The most premium Volkswagen EV yet

Volkswagen first hinted at the ID.7 with the ID.Aero concept car, which was first shown in June 2022, and that model has now evolved to become the ID.7.

But it’s set to enter electric Volkswagens into a more premium end of the spectrum – saloons. Occupying a position above the Passat, it’s unlikely to be a big seller here in the UK, but markets like China and the US still buy saloons in huge numbers.

Generous electric range promised

So far the largest battery that Volkswagen EVs have been fitted with is a 77kWh unit, which – while still sizable – gives the longest range of around 335 miles in the case of the ID.4 and ID.5.

However, the ID.7 is poised to introduce a larger battery to offer greater appeal to those looking to do even longer journeys. While Volkswagen hasn’t announced any details on the battery, it says it will offer a ‘range of up to approximately 700km (435 miles)’, which will be the longest of any EV.

Debut an updated infotainment system

Volkswagen is also set to use the ID.7 to show off an upgraded infotainment system, building on the one offered in its current EVs, and addressing customer feedback.

It will use a new 15-inch touchscreen now boasting illuminated touch sliders to help make it easier to change the climate control and volume, The augmented reality head-up display is also set to be enhanced.

Offer plenty of interior space

One advantage of using an electric car-specific platform is that it helps to free up lots of interior space, with Volkswagen set to make the most of this with the ID.7.

The brand has already confirmed it will have a 2.97m-long wheelbase, which for context, will put it between a typical executive car (like the Mercedes E-Class) and a luxury car (S-Class), with an “especially spacious feel” promised.


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