Ever wondered what that random button on your dashboard is for? Why do only some cars have seemingly unreachable cubby holes? Automobile manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to improve their vehicles and enhance the driving experience. As a result, cars come equipped with a variety of lesser-known features that can make your journey more enjoyable and convenient. Read on to learn about some of these hidden car features that you may not be aware of, and what they are specifically designed for.

Start Stop button dash

Subtle Dashboard Button: The Little Button with a Big Purpose

Ever noticed a small button on your dashboard with a circular arrow or “A” symbol? This is often a feature called the engine auto start/stop function. Designed to improve fuel economy and reduce emissions, this system automatically shuts off the engine when the vehicle comes to a complete stop, such as when waiting at a red light or stop sign. As soon as you lift your foot off the brake or press the accelerator, the engine restarts seamlessly. The feature can usually be turned on or off depending on the driver’s preference.

The Case of the Mysterious Fuel Cap Holder

Every driver has experienced that awkward moment when filling up the fuel tank, and having nowhere to put the fuel cap. Did you know that many vehicles have built-in fuel cap holders? These are often located on the inside of the fuel door. It might be a small hook or a magnet where you can place the cap, preventing it from dangling against the car or rolling around on the ground. A simple design that can save you from unnecessary scratches and ensure cleanliness at the fuel station.

Fuel Car Holder
Audi boot open

A Secret Compartment: Storage Space You Never Knew Existed

Ever wished you had more storage space in your car? In some vehicles, a sneaky storage compartment can be found hidden below the cargo or boot floor. This feature maximises the use of space and ensures that you can keep your belongings organised and hidden from view. This secret compartment is incredibly useful for hiding valuables, stowing tools and equipment, or simply storing those rarely used items that you still want to keep in your car.

The Magic in the Moonroof: Convenient Ventilation

Moonroofs, or panoramic sunroofs, are a popular feature in modern cars that bring light and fresh air into the vehicle. However, not everyone is aware of a relatively obscure function associated with this feature. You can often tilt the moonroof upward slightly to allow a small amount of air to flow through the car, which helps ventilate the cabin without the need to open windows entirely. This can be particularly useful when driving in rainy or noisy environments, or when you need a gentle stream of fresh airflow.

Sun roof slightly open
Audi TT dashboard

The Little Arrow Next to the Fuel Pump Symbol

Perhaps you are already well-versed in this small trick, but if not – the little arrow beside the fuel pump symbol on your dashboard is there to save you time and confusion. This small but useful detail simply indicates which side of the car your fuel tank is located. No more having to pull up to the petrol station and take a wild guess at which side the fuel filler is on - just take a glance at your dashboard and let this clever and oft-overlooked feature guide you.

The Headrest Breakaway

Have you ever wondered why car headrests are detachable and often have metal rods? They are intentionally designed to assist you in breaking the windows during emergencies. In the unfortunate event of you being trapped in your car, you can detach the headrest, insert the metal rods into the space between the window and the car door, and leverage it with force to shatter the glass. This often-overlooked feature might come in handy and could even save your life one day.

Car headrests

Many cars come packed with features that often go unnoticed, but they are designed to enhance your driving experience and make life on the road that much easier. These hidden gems add comfort, convenience, and safety to your daily journeys. So next time you find yourself puzzled over a mysterious button or compartment in your car, take a moment to explore and uncover its purpose. You might be surprised to learn how these subtle details can impact your overall driving experience.



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