There are plenty of new cars available on the market today which are a must-have for collectors and enthusiasts of the future. We’ve picked out 10 of the best that we’d try and grab before they disappear from the forecourt.

Front view of a white BMW M2 Competition driving on a track

BMW M2 Competition

The M2 Competition was the replacement for the standard M2. It featured a new engine producing 404bhp as well as an increase in agility, driver engagement and performance. At £49,000, the M2 Competition was £3,000 more than the old M2, but enthusiasts were willing to pay the extra for a car that could finally go toe-to-toe with its biggest rival - the Porsche 718 Cayman.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio

A modern day equivalent to the 156 GTA, the Quadrifoglio is a direct rival for the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG. However, the Giulia looks like a piece of art and the 2.9 litre V6 engine 503bhp gives its engine the power of a Ferrari. Also, the Quadrifoglio is a slightly left-field alternative to better-established brands such as Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

Front view of a red Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio driving down the road
Front view of a blue Ford Fiesta ST driving down a road

Ford Fiesta ST

It wouldn’t be a future classic car list without a fast Ford. With pedigree from the Escort Cosworth, Sierra Cosworth, XR2 and XR3i, Ford know a thing or two about making great driver’s cars. The Fiesta ST is far from rare, but given the driving experience and success of its predecessor, the current generation of the Fiesta ST is certainly a future classic.

Hyundai i30 N

The i30 N represents Hyundai’s first attempt in the hot-hatch market, and it is a very good one. Its 276bhp engine may not be in Civic Type R territory, but other hot hatches such as the Focus ST and Volkswagen Golf GTI will have their work cut out on a track to keep up with the N. The i30 N is a car for those who want something a little bit different from the ordinary, making it a rare sight on our roads.

Front view of a Hyundai i30 N driving down the road
Front view of a Kia Stinger driving down the road

Kia Stinger

Like its sister company - Hyundai - the Stinger is Kia’s first serious performance model after the forgettable Pro Cee’d GT in 2013. In GT-S form, the Stinger has a 3.3-litre twin-turbo V6 producing 335bhp, giving a top speed of 168mph. The looks will divide people, but that’s what makes the Stinger a future classic - it splits opinion and it is the start of a breed of performance Kias.

Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG

The A45 AMG kick-started the hyper-hatch segment. Four-wheel-drive, 376bhp and launch control, the A45 is the closest rival to the Audi RS3. With the recent reveal of the next-generation A45 producing over 400bhp, the benchmark for the most powerful hot-hatch has been raised once again.

Side view of a Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG driving on a track
Front view of a Suzuki Jimny driving through mud

Suzuki Jimny

One of the most loved new cars to be launched in the past decade, the new Jimny looks like a cross between a Mercedes-Benz G Class and a Jeep Wrangler. With limited production each year, the demand for this little off-roader is huge. Its 1.5 litre engine may be slow and the interior more rugged than plush, but as a future classic the Jimny is up there at the top - especially with residuals holding at a very strong rate.

Tesla Model S

The P100D is the version of the Model S that is for sure to become a future classic. The Model S was the first Tesla to be sold in the UK and with the P100D, it will leave a Ferrari standing still in a drag race. The Model S is the car that has caused Tesla as a brand to grow in the last five years, owing to its effortless performance and excellent all-electric range.

Side view of a red Tesla Model S
Front view of a blue Toyota GT86

Toyota GT86

Built in conjunction with Subaru, the GT86 is a no-nonsense, back-to-basics driver’s car that has been in production since 2012. A flat-four boxer engine, 197bhp and rear-wheel-drive is a recipe for a great sports car. Also, they are not a common site on UK roads despite being on the market for seven years.

Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR

Just before the next-generation of the Volkswagen Golf GTI arrives, the Golf GTI TCR represents the last version the MK7 variants. The TCR is set to be the ultimate GTI, packing all the performance enhancements as well as all the standard equipment you get with the regular Performance GTI. As the TCR is the last of the Golf GTI MK7’s, it’s going to be the model that all enthusiasts will want in the future.

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Front view of a Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR driving down road



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