When is a car not just a car?

When it’s a travelling wardrobe, or maybe a pet shop!

Here's our Top 5 cars that are more than just a car:

  • The Wardrobe - filled with 'just in case' clothes and footwear
  • The Gym - may mean you're a gym-bunny or just have good intentions
  • The Cosmetic Counter - for those who like to look good at ALL times
  • The Parent-mobile - crammed with baby and children essentials
  • The Pet Shop - filled with everything your pet of choice could possibly need.

While some people’s cars are minimalist and pristine, others, much like desks or bedrooms are filled with the owner’s personality, what does yours say about you? Is it an extension of your home? Would a passer-by be able to guess your hobby or whether you're an animal lover, just by a casual glance?

We take a look at the things people keep in their cars.

The Wardrobe

Why carry one coat around with you when you can have four or five, a couple of cardigans, a warm sweater, different coloured bobble hats, a change of shoes or three or four changes, boots, socks, scarves, snoods…

If is sounds a little too familiar with this, that’s because I’m describing my car! Years of watching kids play rugby and football has meant my collection of warm Winter clothes has expanded to the point where not only can I keep myself warm, but half the rest of the parents too!

Why don’t I take then out! Well you never know when you’ll need them do you?!

Coats hanging up

The Gym

Interestingly this can either mean that you do go the gym or that you once meant to go to the gym, but then thought better of it!

Going to the gym is often a good intention the gym bag gets slung in the boot, but weeks go by and that visit never takes place, of course, at the other end of the spectrum are full-on gym bunnies, prepared to lift a dumbbell and fire off a burpee at a moment’s notice!

Either way, your car can resemble a gym and if you’re not careful it can smell like one too!

Gym bag on the seat

The Cosmetic Counter

Somehow there’s never quite enough time to get ready in the morning and we’ve all seen people putting their ‘faces on’ in the commuting queue. Not something we’d ever advocate as it’s dangerous, but lots of people do it and keep the equipment in their car to do it with.

Bulging car cosmetic bags with emergency mascara, foundation, magic potions, and essential face powder can be found across the land, as can make-up stained upholstery and carpets. A range of perfumes too, from musky night-out scents to fresh work florals.

And don’t think this is just women, men carry electric shavers, hair wax, pulling aftershave and work aftershave, combs brushes and ties.

Table covered with makeup and Makeup Brushes

The Parent-mobile

Can also be the Mummymobile or Daddymobile, most often associated with the parent who’s the main care giver.

For small people, young kids seem to need a lot of stuff and the smaller they are, the more they need. Nappies, formula, changes of clothing, toys to keep them entertained, muslins, bibs and then, especially for Mum’s of little babies, there’s breast pumps, a change of clothes for a leaky milky Mum, rattles, teething rings, teething gel…

Older kids need entertaining with toys, colouring books, iPads, you name it and your car can start to look like a pre-school!

Plus, your car has to be filled with all different sizes and types of car seat depending on the age, height and weight of your off-spring; don’t worry they do grow-up eventually!

close up of filled car boot

The Pet Shop

We love our pets, be they large, small, furry, scaly or bald and we don’t confine them to our homes, they take over our cars too; if you’re a horsey-nut, then hay and straw litter the floor, your boot’s full of boots, bridles and brushes and there’s a strong smell of hoof oil.

If you’re a doggy-person, then blankets, towels to wipe muddy paws, a dog bowl, a large bottle of water, doggy clothes, a dog carrier, long leads, short leads, harnesses, along with assorted dog hairs and drool stains are quite probably the order of the day.

Even if your pets are not the transportable kind, your car can still give away some tell-tale signs; cat hairs on the seats, a burst bag of cat litter in the boot, a hamster ball, a bale of bunny-hay, a forgotten fish food container, they all give away your secret love.

Close up of pug hanging out of a window

There are some things that you very definitely should keep in your car, things that will keep you safe, warm and connected if you breakdown or are stuck in an incident, find out the 10 things you need to keep in your car.

Let us know, what do you keep in your car?



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