It’s coming up to spooky season once again and, there are a number of eerie roads to check out

It’s coming up to spooky season once again and, as well as pumpkins and witches, there are a number of eerie roads to check out. Though you might not think of one of the UK’s highways as an obvious place for other-worldly goings-on, there are some areas where strange things have happened.

So, if you’re up for the challenge, let’s check them out.


M6 Motorway

The M6 motorway might be the longest road in the UK, but it’s also got some ghostly goings-on to its name, too. Some parts of this much-used section of road are considerably older than others, with reports saying that areas stretch back to Roman times.

Along its wide history, there have been reports of ghoulish sightings at the sides of the road, as well as haunted junctions.

A666, ‘The Devil’s Highway’, Bolton

Any road with the number ‘666’ in its name was bound to be haunted and it seems that this is the case for a highway in Bolton. Dubbed ‘The Devil’s Highway’, it’s been the location of many sightings, often with mysterious characters at the side of the road.

It also has a higher-than-normal accident rate for the area, which leads many to believe that there are supernatural forces at play.


A75, Scotland

The A75 in Scotland - called the Kinmount Straight - is often seen as the most haunted route in the country. Eye-witnesses have claimed to see eyeless creatures at the roadside, as well as phantom creatures.

If you’re feeling very brave, the A75 is one road to test your mettle.

A229, Kent

The A229 in Kent might seem like a perfectly normal road during the day, but at night it turns into a very different place altogether. It’s been home to a scary sighting of a girl in white, which would be a shocking sight on a dark evening.

It’s thought to be the ghost of Judith Langham, who was killed in 1965 in her wedding dress.


B519, Hampstead

Rounding off our scary list is the B519 in Hampstead. It’s home to the Spaniard Inn, which is reportedly haunted by the ghost of a highwayman.

So be prepared to stop by, but you may be asked to stand and deliver…



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