The SUV segment is currently booming, with all manner of different options available from all manner of different manufacturers.

The Jaguar F-Pace and Audi’s Q5 are two quite long standing entrants into this segment, bringing premium features and loads of equipment as well as that all-important badge appeal.

Both have recently been updated, too, which means that they’ve got more to offer than ever. Let’s see what they both bring to the table


As mentioned, both cars here have undergone a recent refresh, which means that their designs have been tweaked and given a new lease of life. The Jaguar, for instance, gains a redesigned grille and reshaped lights, while around the back have been reprofiled to appear a little slimmer. Jaguar knew that the look of the F-Pace was one of its strongest attributes, so it isn’t a big surprise that it has kept the changes minimal.

It’s a similar story with the Q5, too. The front lights have been made slimmer and the grille more intricate with redesigned bumpers making it 19mm longer than its predecessor. Around the back, the lights have been given a more complex LED pattern with cool ‘scrolling’ indicators.

audi q5 - jaguar f pace
interior of jag - audi


It’s inside where things have taken a real change. With the Q5, the central screen has been made larger but it’s almost been made completely touch-controlled. This means that the rotary controller of the previous car has been removed, freeing up additional space in the cabin. In addition, you still get the same excellent level of fit-and-finish as before alongside plenty of storage which can help to keep the cabin tidy.

Jaguar has really worked hard to boost the overall feel of quality inside the F-Pace. Despite being its flagship SUV, the previous generation F-Pace felt a little lacking in terms of overall interior sparkle and that’s something that seems to have been addressed in the new car. There’s more equipment and higher-quality materials used throughout which mean that it now feels like it lives up to the Jaguar name.


It’s the Jaguar that feels like it has had a real makeover in terms of technology. The outgoing car was severely behind rivals in this department, so Jaguar has rectified this by fitting some of its very latest tech. It’s all centred around the Pivi Pro system, which is simple to use and has a really responsive touchscreen. It has completely changed the way you interact with the F-Pace, while digital dials ahead of the driver lift that tech feeling even further.

In the Audi, it’s more of a case of evolution instead of revolution. The Q5’s interior was one of its strongest areas, mind you, so it didn’t need an awful lot of tweaking. As mentioned, the central screen has been made larger and is still very well laid out and easy to use.

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Both cars here offer plenty of choice when it comes to powertrain. Much the same as before, the Q5 and F-Pace can be specified with a petrol or diesel engine, but the real change comes with the inclusion of plug-in hybrid options which promise to bring reduced running costs as well as the ability to travel on electric-only power for a certain amount of time

In the Jag, you get a 2.0-litre petrol engine which is then combined with an electric motor and battery. Jaguar says you could see up to 130mpg as well as CO2 emissions of just 49g/km. Despite this, the P400e will manage the 0-60mph sprint in five seconds before heading onwards to a top speed of 149mph.

The Q5, meanwhile, was available as a hybrid in the previous generation but the performance of the new one has been significantly increased. A larger battery pack means that it can deliver more electric range - up to 38 miles, in fact.



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