Spoil the Petrolhead in Your Life this Christmas

Whether it’s finding something for the office Secret Santa or deciding what to put under the tree for Christmas morning we all need some inspiration. Luckily there are plenty of motoring themed presents, which will delight motor enthusiasts of all ages. Here’s just a few...

Pricing Correct as of 27/09/2022

car mug

Stocking Filler Gifts under £20

Fuel Gauge Heat Sensitive Mug - £4.95

Ideal as a stocking filler or secret santa gift, this fuel gauge mug is an affordable gift for a car fan. Fill this mug with the hot beverage of your choice and watch the gauge climb all the way up to the full mark. As your beverage level changes, so does the fuel level!

Land Rover Defender Remote-Controlled Car - £10

Own a classic with this stunning Range Rover Sport remote control car model. This is ideal for those who want to live out their adventuring dreams without having to go too far. It has a range of up to 25 metres, up to 120 minutes driver time and its detailing means this car looks like the real deal!

Mid Range - Gifts under £20-100

Land Rover Tool Bag - £29

As the festive season come to a close, and work season re-starts, you’ll need a large enough bag to carry all of your lunch leftovers and daily tools. We’ve found this cool canvas ‘army grade tool bag’ featuring a Land Rover defender design, that are tough and versatile enough for the daily grind, but versatile for weekend too!

Track Days - starting from £39 (Virgin Experience Days)

Lots of companies specialise in track days where you can take your own car and speed around a race track as fast as you like and without a camera in sight! Instructors are usually available to teach you a bit more about circuit driving and how to safely get more out of your car. You’ll learn and enjoy yourself with vouchers normally redeemable for most of the year.

If you don’t want to drive your own car, lots of companies offer `ride of a lifetime’ trips in the passenger seats of Ferraris, Lamborghinis and more.


Autoglym Ultra High Definition Collection - £75

Every car enthusiast will want to keep their motor looking as good as the day it came out of the showroom, so why not treat the enthusiast in your life to a full valeting kit from Autoglym? If they’re a motor-proud kind of person, then this is an ideal present. The Autoglym Bodywork, Wheels and Interior Collection contains everything you need to properly clean a car from top to bottom.

It’s packed with cleaning equipment, including shampoo conditioner, resin polish and wheel protector. It even comes with a sponge, a finishing cloth and a microfibre towel – so there’s really no need to buy anything else when it comes to cleaning. With gear suited for cleaning bodywork, wheels and interior respectively, there’s a product to cover all bases and at a reasonable price too!

Personalised Car Illustration - £42

For the person in your life that treats their car as their shrine, what would be better than having a bespoke hand-drawn illustration of their car?

Top of the Range - £100 +

Scalextric C1423M Spark Plug Formula E Mains Powered Slot Car Racing Set - £179.99

Scalextric is the ultimate motor racing system for all ages and these sleek Ginetta Prototype cars are true thoroughbred racers. Built to last through the longest Scalextric races, this set comes with 4 layout options and over 4.8metres of track, so perfect for keeping you occupied over the festive period!

Piloti driving shoes – from £120

Serious drivers need serious shoes — right? However, it’s undeniable that if turning up to a social event in race boots will make anyone look like a wally. Piloti shoes combine stylish Italian-designed uppers with proper heel support to make long drives easy and stylish.

Nextbase 412GW dash cam – £179

Dash cams are growing in popularity and you can pay anything from around £20 up to £400 or so for one. The quality and usefulness varies a lot, but a good one can give drivers more confidence on the road and may even get a lower insurance premium as a result.

Dashcams get something of a bad rap thanks to terrible drivers and the magic of the internet, but they’re still a great way to combat the threat of crash-for-cash scammers. This mid-range Nextbase offers really good-quality footage and is super-easy to use too.

Land rover lego

LEGO Technic Land Rover Defender - £159.99

The ideal gift for Land Rover enthusiasts and fans of classic collectible model cars and a step up from the Lego kits you may have received as a young child, this 2573-piece LEGO Technic Land Rover Defender delivers a good building experience and makes an ideal gift for those patient enough…

This impressive LEGO replica captures the vehicle’s outstanding level of refinement with excellent attention to detail, including an in-line 6-cylinder engine with moving pistons beneath the bonnet!

Porsche 911 speaker – £330

There’s nothing quite like the sound of a Porsche 911. But for those whom the rear-engined sports car noise is a dream too far, then there’s this Bluetooth speaker crafted from the exit pipes of a 911 GT3. With a full aluminium housing, this speaker has a battery life of close to 24 hours.

Lego Bugatti Chiron - £329.99

With the Bugatti Chiron costing in excess of £2 million, this Lego version might be a slightly more obtainable option. Finished to 1:8 scale, this model features intricate features such as an eight-speed gearbox, and even a special key enabling you to switch the active rear wing from handling to top speed position.

It’s over five inches high and 22 inches long, so it’s certainly a big model. Prepare for a long build time, however – it’s made up of 3,599 pieces.

Driving Experience Days

Specialist cars manufacturers are always keen to show exactly what amazing performances some of their machinery is capable of and many have dedicated driving areas at suitable venues. Porsche, for example, has its Experience Centre at Silverstone and Mercedes-Benz its facility at the old Brooklands track.

If you fancy getting away from it all after spending Christmas entertaining the family, then a Land Rover Experience could be the answer and make a perfect gift to yourself! Held at a choice of nine locations, the offering ranges from a one-hour taster session to a full day’s driving over and through terrain that’ll take your breath away; and don’t worry, there’ll be an instructor with you at all times to make sure you get the most from your day.

Off-road driving experience at Eastnor Castle – from £129

Off-road driving is a seriously fun way to waste a day and is a bit different to the usual supercar track experience. Land Rover runs experiences like this across the country in its range of unstoppable off-roaders, and a taster session starts from just £129.

Silverstone Track Day - from £175.20

Yes, you could give them the option of doing a few laps of the famous Silverstone circuit in a Ferrari or Porsche, but where would the fun be in that? Why not give him the chance to lap his own car around the track?

You can purchase gift vouchers for just such an event, with a variety of dates available throughout the year.




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