It’s no secret that the van segment is a popular one, as it serves a perhaps rather simple purpose – transporting items. Whether it be in the case of a carpenter or someone moving house, there are plenty of situations where having a good van comes in handy.

That being said, nobody wants to be spending an unnecessary amount of money on a commercial vehicle. So, with that in mind, if you had a budget of £15,000 and wanted a used van, what could you get?

Well, here are six of your best options…


Volkswagen Caddy

While the Caddy isn’t the largest van available, it’s very spacious for its size. The maximum load length for the model is 1779mm, the width is 1556mm and the height is 1224mm. And although the 2015 facelifted version is slightly out of the £15,000 budget, there’s still plenty of current generation cars available on the used market well within this price bracket.

Citroën Berlingo

The Berlingo is another great van which, despite its size, is massively usable – strongest versions of the latest generation can carry over 1,000kg, in fact. However, that one’s, again, slightly out of the price range. That being said, the previous generation, is within budget and is still a great van.

peugeot rifter

Peugeot Rifter

As Citroën and Peugeot are owned by the same company – the PSA Group– the Berlingo and Rifter are almost identical models, meaning if one deserves a mention, so does the other. While the Rifter is more passenger-focused, swaying more towards MPV buyers, it still can be used as an uber-practical, conventional van due to its boxy shape.

Volkswagen Transporter

For those wanting something a bit larger than the previous vehicles on this list, there’s the Volkswagen Transporter. This medium-sized van is a great all-rounder, with plenty of variants to choose from on the used market – a lot of which can be had for under £15,000. Again, like the Caddy, the latest, facelifted version is a bit out of reach, however, the current generation isn’t.

volkswagen transporter
vw caddy maxi

Volkswagen Caddy Maxi

If the VW Caddy appears an attractive proposition, but to be on the safe side, you’d prefer some more space, there’s always the slightly larger Caddy Maxi. Compared to the standard van’s 1,779mm load length, the maximum load length for the Maxi is 2,249mm (both variants have the same width). This gives it that little extra breath of ability.

Peugeot Partner Tepee

The Partner Tepee, like the Peugeot Rifter, focuses on carrying people more than solely items. That being said, it’s still easily able to be a load lugger if needs be. There’s no shortage of examples available on the used market – cheapest Tepees go for as little as £1,000, which is a proper bargain.

Peugeot Partner Tepee.



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