Audi activesphere concept 2

Design Features

The first thing that jumps out about the Audi Activesphere is its unique design features. The exterior and interior features a two-tone color scheme that’s both eye-catching and futuristic in its appearance. It also has a floating roofline, which gives the car an even more futuristic look. Inside, there are four individual cabins with separate climate controls for each seat, so everyone can enjoy their own level of comfort no matter where they sit. And when it comes to entertainment, there’s an integrated sound system that allows passengers to listen to music without disturbing others.

Technology Features

The Audi Activesphere isn’t just about style—it also packs plenty of tech features as well. For starters, it features advanced driver assistance systems like lane departure warning and adaptive cruise control to help keep drivers safe on the road. It also has an impressive array of sensors that can detect obstacles up ahead and alert drivers if something is in their path. Additionally, this concept car is equipped with automated parking capabilities, making it easier than ever to find your spot when you arrive at your destination. Finally, there’s an intuitive infotainment system that allows drivers and passengers alike to access all sorts of information about their vehicle at any time.

Audi activesphere concept 1

The Audi Activesphere concept is truly a sight to behold – from its sleek exterior design to its plethora of advanced technology features – this car really does have it all! With this concept vehicle, Audi has proven that they are serious about pushing the boundaries when it comes to what cars can do – providing drivers everywhere with a better experience behind the wheel than ever before. Whether you’re looking for a glimpse into what driving may look like in years to come or simply want find out more about this futuristic vehicle, you won’t be disappointed by what the Audi Activesphere has to offer!



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