Discover the Benefits of a VW Crafter Van

It’s not hard to see why Volkswagen is often considered to be at the pinnacle of commercial vans. With decades of experience in producing practical, reliable and innovative vehicles, they know exactly how to deliver high-quality, high-performance vans to suit the needs of every business.

And the VW Crafter Range is ever-evolving...

With this expansion comes even better vans with new and improved specifications and heightened performances.

Every single detail of a Volkswagen van has been carefully contemplated to make your drive better. So picking out just seven reasons why a VW van is for you was no easy feat. Here’s the tip of the iceberg…

volkswagen e crafter driving

1. Get Greener with a New VW Crafter Van

The new Volkswagen Crafter vans are more economical and greener than ever before with EU6 diesel engines. The VW Crafter Panel Van offers a range of 2.0-litre engines to best suit your business’ needs. The best performance comes from the 102PS or 140PS versions, both returning up to 32.8mpg and 249g/km of CO2 emissions. It’s the most frugal choice and shows that going green doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to compensate on performance!

Additionally, the nifty Start/Stop system means fuel consumption is significantly reduced by shutting off the engine when the van is stationary, so you’ll spend less on fuel and the planet will thank you for it.

2. Have a Stress-Free Journey

There’s so many features of VW vans that ensure your drive is smooth-sailing. Your safety behind the wheel is of paramount importance, and the new Volkswagen Crafter Van safety features are second to none. With a number of passive safety systems, such as City Emergency Braking you can rest assured that you’ll complete your journey the same way you started it: calm and collected.

If you do happen to get into a collision, this next level van triggers braking upon impact to prevent secondary collisions and reduce damage.

3. You Can Count on Our Vans

For commercial businesses, no matter how big or small, we know you need a reliably strong workhorse to be an integral asset to your company.

For over a decade, the sturdy VW Crafter vans have been bringing reliability and stability to thousands of companies, even in the toughest of conditions. And they’ll be serving businesses for many more decades to come. Volkswagen delivers a reputable service and quality products to you and your company every time, which makes them such a highly esteemed provider.

4. Settle Into the Perfect On-the-Road Workplace

Volkswagen Commercial Crafters offer seating for up to 7 people, and with air con and extra- comfortable seating you’ll be chilling with plenty of little luxuries. Of course there’s handy overhead storage and USB charging so that you can juice up your devices on the road, just as you would in any good workplace.

With large windows and ‘ergoComfort' suspension seats, you’ll always have plenty of light and comfort on the job during work or break time.

volkswagen crafter panel van rear
volkswagen crafter open rear doors

5. There’s a VW Crafter Van for Everyone

Depending on your business requirements, VW Crafter Tippers and Dropsides are available, which are perfect for onloading and offloading goods for construction and forestry companies.

With a choice of front-wheel drive or 4MOTION all-wheel-drive, there really is a VW Crafter van to suit any terrain.

6. Perfectly Parked Every Time

Trailer Assist, Rear Traffic Alert and Park Assist ensures that every driver gets full marks when parking. In reverse gear, the vehicle automatically takes over the steering while the driver operates accelerator, brake and clutch.

7. Everything’s Easier with a VW Crafter Van

Volkswagen understands that convenience is an important factor when selecting a commercial van; you need something that will make your life easier and uncomplicated. With a VW van, you can expect easy access to the cab and cargo bay with a passenger sliding door and 270o opening rear wing doors.

And, most helpfully, VW Crafter vans feature adaptive cruise control, changing speed to be relative to the other vehicles on the road, and keeping a safe distance. Driving your van truly will be as easy as pie.

*Fuel consumption figure is obtained under standardised EU test conditions and may not be the actual fuel consumption achieved in ‘real world’ driving conditions

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